Thursday, May 14, 2020

Mother's Day 2020

Here is a look at how I celebrated Mother's Day this year.

The night before David and the boys decorated all over the house.  They sent me to bed so that I would not see it until the next morning.  Everything was so girly and cute.  That is something I am not used to seeing much of in my house. 

This is one of my favorite chips.  They bought several bags and taped them everywhere.  It was such a simple idea but so fun.

Cruz worked hard on my seat at the table.  He wrapped it up good.

He was so proud to show me all that he had done.

They had McDonald's breakfast delivered so that I would not have to cook.  I do love McDonald's breakfast.  That was a treat.

I got some beautiful flowers and cookies from my favorite bakery.

I also got these coffee drinks.  Something else that I love.

Ben made me the sweetest card!

Ben's Mother's Day card

Cruz knows that I love flowers.  He made me these Lego flower arrangements and had one in just about every room of the house.  These brought me great joy!  I love the pops of color I see everywhere.  I still have them sitting out and they make me smile every time I see them.

me and my boys on Mother's Day

Mid-morning we had a surprise visitor at our gate. It was a leader from the Baptist church in Jocotenango.  He was out delivering Mother's Day gifts to all the mothers in the church.  I was so humbled that they included me!

For lunch we had chicken tetrazzini pasta, peas, and rolls.  I also had baked a coconut custard pie for dessert.  After lunch I got to take a much needed nap.

That evening we enjoyed Pappy's BBQ pulled pork sandwiches for supper.  I loved ending the day with one of my favorite foods. 

It was a great day, but also a sad one.  We missed David's mother who passed away last August.  It was our first Mother's Day without her.  We miss her every day but Mother's Day was especially sad.  Also, my mom had plans to be here this week and celebrate Mother's Day with me.  Her trip got cancelled and that made me sad too. 

I am thankful for the privilege of being a mom.  It is something that I did not think I would get to experience.  When I look at my boys I see God's goodness and faithfulness to me. 

May we all strive every day to be the mothers that He desires for us to be.  May we raise our children in a way that would bring Him honor and glory.  Happy Mother's Day from my heart to yours.

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