Tuesday, May 8, 2018

One Day At A Time

Our current weekly schedule has us at two Bible studies on Sunday (Nearar and Chiquimula), piano and Spanish on Tuesday afternoons, Bible study in Nearar on Wednesday afternoons, Muyurco on Thursday afternoons, and Porto Suelo on Saturday afternoons.  When you add in five days a week of homeschool you'll know that my plate is full.  I have not taken many photos over the past week, but wanted to do a short update on our lives lately. 

The mayor of Camotan has purchased the lot next to the Nearar church and is having a soccer field built on it.  Construction began on it last week.  It has given my boys a lot of entertainment before and after our Bible studies. 
Here they are two Sundays ago checking out this piece of machinery that was parked on the lot.

Here they are last Wednesday afternoon watching the machines work.

This is what the lot looked like this past Sunday.  

We are not sure yet just how close to the church building they are going to put it.  Our property line runs right next to the building so they could get very close if they wanted to.   Just this past Sunday the church leaders wrote up a formal letter that they plan to submit to the village leader asking about any plans for a fence/ wall between the properties.   

I am enjoying my time with the children each week.  This past Sunday I taught on the Tower of Babel.  I began the lesson by reading a passage of scripture from four different Bibles.  I read in English, Kekchi, Chorti, and in Spanish. I used it as an illustration to show just a small sample of the different languages in the world today.

Sharing the Gospel around the world would be so much easier if everyone spoke the same language, but we don't.  For that reason it is important for missionaries to learn the language of the people they are trying to reach.  Pray for all missionaries around the world who are currently in language study/ school.  Pray that they would learn well so that they could share well.  Pray also for those of us who have been around for a while.  There is always more to learn. 

I took this picture last Thursday afternoon of a few of the kids we picked up in Porto Suelo to take to our Bible study in Muyurco.  I loved what this little boy's shirt said.  He had no idea the message he was sharing but it blessed my heart.  Also, isn't that background beautiful!  

We stopped on the way home from that Bible study to have supper with the Lubecks.  We always enjoy our time with them.  They are such a blessing to our family. 

Here is Cruz singing this past Sunday night at Bro. Fito's church in Chiquimula.  He had not planned on singing but they always ask during the service if anyone wants to sing or share anything.  Cruz decided to jump up and sing.  He was almost done before I could get my camera out to record him. 

He had an accident last week while playing with a neighbor friend.  His friend's head connected with his front teeth which resulted in knocking them loose (thankfully they are baby teeth).  We took him to the dentist a few days later but his mouth was still too swollen for her to do anything.  She said to wait a week and come back.  This past Saturday night while he was sleeping, one of them fell out.  We found it in his bed but it appears to be broken.  It was only the base of the tooth which means that part of the root is still inside.  We cannot get an appointment with the dentist for a possible x-ray until Thursday of this week.  Join me in praying that it all turns out well. 

Lastly, here is Ben being "cool in school" on a recent day.  You can't tell from this picture but he also had blue mittens on.  He was quiet and getting his work done so I just shook my head and let it go.  We are on the final stretch of the school year but boy are these the toughest weeks yet.  Trying to stay focused and motivated has been hard for me.  I definitely have summer break fever.
My plate may feel full right now but in just a few more weeks I'll be able to take a few things off for a while.  That makes me smile and keeps me going.

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