Thursday, May 17, 2018

Mother's Day 2018

I got to celebrate Mother's Day in Guatemala City this year.  Probably the thing I loved most about that was getting to enjoy the cooler weather.  It is always so pleasant in the Capital compared to Chiquimula.  I also enjoyed getting to eat breakfast at my favorite restaurant and getting to attend English worship.  Here are some photos from my special day.

Mother's Day photo with my boys

I got to sleep in that morning.  I did not get up until 8:00.  I do not think I have slept that late since before Cruz was born.  It was nice!  They greeted me with big hugs and a few cards and questionnaires.  I love reading their answers each year. 

We went out to breakfast at San Martin.  It is one of my favorite places to eat in Guatemala City.

I enjoyed a typical Guatemalan breakfast- scrambled eggs, salsa, black beans, fried platanos, and cheese.

Inside the kids play area they had a table set up for the kids to paint their mothers a small flower pot.  I loved that.  Both boys painted one for me. 

my new plants (that I hope I can keep alive)

I was excited to get another pair of cup and saucers from there this year.  David bought me a pair for Mother's Day last year and I love drinking out of them.  San Martin has a different pattern for Mother's Day each year.  I think I have found me something new to collect. 

my cup and saucers from 2017

Mother's Day breakfast at San Martin

After breakfast we headed to Union Church for their 11:00 traditional service.  We love visiting there when we are in Guatemala City.  We love that it is in English.  They also have a kid's class and our boys love to go.  Here they are during the worship service helping hand out flowers to all of the mothers. 

Before we made the long drive back home we stopped for lunch at KFC.  It is a family favorite.  It is also a favorite with a lot of Guatemalans.  It is always busy there every time we go.  It was so busy this day that we had to wait outside with our names on a waiting list just to get in the door.  By the time we left the line to get inside was all the way down the sidewalk.  Crazy, isn't it.

It was late afternoon by the time we got back home.  It had been a great day but we were very tired and ready to unwind.  Much to our surprise we walked in the door of our house and saw that our freezer door had not been securely shut when we left on Friday.  That meant a huge mess and a total loss of everything in it.  It was close to 100 degrees here all weekend so with the freezer door cracked open the refrigerator could not keep up.  That meant that most everything in it was ruined also.  So instead of unloading the car and getting settled back in we went right to cleaning.

As if that was not enough stress for the day once we did unload everything from the car and start putting it away I noticed something else that caught me by surprise.  While in Guatemala City I had purchased some new curtains for our dining room.  It was not until I got back home (four hours away) that I noticed that I had accidentally picked up two different patterns.  I did not notice it until I had hung them and stepped back to look.  Add that stress to the refrigerator stress and you'll know that my day was not ending so well.   

Thankfully I have two sweet little boys who saw their mama was upset and they wanted to cheer me up.  They went into the living room and used their Magic Tracks to make me a flower.  They were so proud of it and led me into the living room to show me.  They said "mama, this will make you smile."  And, it did. What a perfect way to end the day!  I love those two boys and I am so blessed to get to be their mom.

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