Tuesday, May 1, 2018

May 2018 Newsletter

We seem to be falling into a good weekly routine with our Bible studies.  Currently we have weekly Bible study in Nearar on Sunday mornings and Wednesday afternoons and in Muyurco on Thursday afternoons.  Each of these are doing well. This past month we began a separate children's Bible study in both of these villages.  While David teaches the adults I take the children out and have a Bible study time with them.   So far I have done two in each of these villages.  Please pray for us as we study and teach each week.

Due to some family conflict in Porto Suelo one of our faithful families from that village has not been able to attend our Thursday Bible study in Muyurco.  The Nearar group wanted to be an encouragement to them and started making regular visits to their home.  This led to them being able to begin a home Bible study with them.  They are currently meeting on Saturday afternoons.  This past Saturday David joined them for the service.  There were two public professions of faith made that day.  The family along with one of the new believers all came to the Sunday morning service in Nearar the next day.  We had our largest attendance yet. 

Currently we have eight people being discipled and scheduled for baptism (two from Muyurco, two from Porto Suelo, and four in Nearar).  The believers in each of these areas have led these to the Lord and are working to disciple each of them.  What a blessing that is!  Pray for these new believers to grow strong in their faith. Plans for a baptismal service are scheduled for later this month.  God is answering prayers! 

In school news we are looking forward to closing out the school year this month.  We are currently on week 33 and have three more weeks to go (18 school days, but who's counting).  It has been a huge challenge this school year to keep us on schedule due to our Stateside Assignment and traveling. Thanks to those of you who have prayed me through it.  I feel like I have worked myself crazy making sure we do not fall behind.  Pray that we would finish strong. 

In addition to school, on Tuesday afternoons Cruz takes piano lessons and Ben works with a Spanish tutor.  The Guatemala school year goes from January through October so the boys will be able to continue these classes during our summer break.  Cruz recently had his first exam/ evaluation for this year. Below is a video of him doing that.  

In other family news we had a lot of fun this past month celebrating Ben turning six and our 22nd wedding anniversary.  Both of these occasions were special times.  

We are now making plans to celebrate Cruz's 8th birthday later this month. 

We appreciate your praying for our family and our ministry here in Guatemala.  Pray specifically for us as we seek to teach and lead others to be on mission here.  Pray that we would daily look to God for wisdom and direction and that we would follow Jesus' example of how to love and show compassion to those around us.

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