Friday, May 11, 2018

Dia De La Madre 2018

Our Bible studies this week have centered around Mother's Day.  Mother's Day in Guatemala is May 10 and this year fell on a Thursday.   We celebrated Wednesday in Nearar and Thursday in Muyurco.

The whole service on Wednesday had a Mother's Day theme.  Different ones took turns singing and reading scripture.  Luz taught the Bible study and did a great job of sharing some examples of mothers in the Bible. I closed us out with a short testimony and some encouraging words on motherhood.  I also challenged them to be Godly examples for their children and to teach their children to follow Christ.  At the end I called all the mothers to come forward and there was a time of prayer over all of us.  It was such a sweet service and my heart was greatly blessed by it. 

celebrating Mother's Day in Nearar

After the service we served cake to everyone.

each mother was given a bookmark

I offered to take photos of all the mothers with their children.  They were very excited about it.  They will each receive a copy of the pictures.  I am sure they will treasure them.  Here are just a few of the ones I took in Nearar.  They do not smile for pictures like we do.  It is just not their culture.  They were happy though and as soon as I would take the picture they would come running over to see it.   They would be smiling and giggling the whole time. 

This young mother is a new Christian.

This is another new Christian.

Rafa and Luz are the leaders of the church and they are doing a wonderful job.

Luz with her oldest daughter. 

I love this picture of this grandmother holding her granddaughter.

Isn't he precious!

Most of our Thursday Bible study in Muyurco was normal.  David taught the adults and I taught the children.  At the end we had a special time for the mothers.  I shared again the same message as in Nearar.  All the mothers came forward and our leader there prayed over us. 

 everyone was then served a slice of cake

I took photos there too of the families that wanted them. 

this is the family that hosts us every week

 one last picture before we left

On the way home we stopped for supper at one of our new favorite local places, Casa Lu'.  They have a chalkboard wall and had it decorated so pretty for Mother's Day.  It was a great way to end our Guatemalan Mother's Day celebration.

It was a joy to get to celebrate with the Bible study ladies this year.  I really wanted it to be a special time for them and yet I feel like I was the one most blessed.  I am so thankful for each of them and the opportunity I get each week to know them better. 

We will be spending a little time this weekend with our mission family as we celebrate the graduation of one of our MK's.  Then I get one more time to celebrate Mother's Day on Sunday.  It has already been a joyous occasion and I know that more fun is yet to come.

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