Monday, May 21, 2018

Baptismal Service

In recent months there have been several salvation decisions made in our work area.  It has been exciting to see the work grow.  There was recently a baptism service for the new believers.  Six were baptized on that day.  The service was originally planned for the last weekend in April but at the last minute got moved to the second weekend in May.  We already had plans to be in Guatemala City that weekend and could not attend.  Even in our absence the service went on as planned.

Before we even moved to this area to begin working, another IMB couple (David and Glynis Miller) spent much time here surveying the area and paving the way for us to move here.  They had partnered the Nearar area with a Guatemalan church in Chimaltenango.  Chimaltenango is a city about five hours away.  This church sends teams over a couple of times a year to do discipleship.  They have also in the past done most all of the baptism services.  We love that the whole thing was planned by and performed by the locals.  The work here has always been a combined effort by many including the U.S. partner teams that come several times a year to assist us in sharing the Gospel.  Each of these, combined with a lot of prayer, have had a part in these coming to know the Lord. 

Here are some photos from the service.  We sent Miguel in our absence.  He helped with transportation and also took photos for us. 

The service began with Bible study and singing.

They had a good crowd.   Many came from Nearar.  Some came from Porto Suelo and a few came from  Muyurco. 

These were the six candidates for baptism.  Two of them were from Porto Suelo and four were from Nearar.



This past Sunday morning four of them were presented with Certificates of Baptism during our worship service in Nearar.

Pray for these new believers as they continue to be discipled and grow.  Pray that many more will follow in their footsteps and make professions of faith.  Pray for all three villages that we are targeting in this area- Nearar, Porto Suelo, and Muyurco.  Pray for us as we teach in these areas on a regular basis and share the Gospel with the people there.

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