Friday, April 13, 2018

Life Lately

This post will cover a little of our activities over the past few weeks.  It is mostly photos of the boys and a little update on life.  For almost two weeks now I've been sick with stomach/ parasite issues.  I have had days where I felt terrible and then days when I feel like I am getting better.  But, just when I think I'm getting over it another wave will come.  Pray that I will get completely well soon.

In a recent post I mentioned that the boys had their first backyard camp out.  They have since slept outside several more times.  They love it! Of course camping out here requires a fan.  It is hot, even at night.  They say what they love best about sleeping outside is getting to hear the birds chirping in the morning.

Just the other day we moved the tent inside their bedroom.  They are now sleeping in it in their room.  They say they like sleeping in the tent better because it means they do not have to make their beds.  I guess they will do anything to get out of chores.
In a recent History lesson we learned about different foods around the world.  One of our focuses was on Japanese foods.  We all enjoyed watching some YouTube videos about Japanese culture, foods, and how kids live there.  Our lesson suggested eating a meal with chopsticks.  We do not have any chopsticks nor do we have a local Japanese restaurant.  Instead, we went out for supper at a local Chinese restaurant and the boys got to try chopsticks there.  It was a fun way to make our lesson come to life.

We made a quick trip into Guatemala City last weekend to run a few errands.  We picked up some much needed supplies and stocked up on groceries.  I also had to do some follow-up blood work for the mission board.  Thankfully all my iron and B12 levels were good.  I will get checked again in a few months.  Here are the boys watching some workers put new tires on our vehicle.  They were fascinated by the whole process.

Also while in Guatemala City David and the boys got haircuts (something else that was much needed),

 the boys got new hats from the hardware store,

and Ben finally got to eat his favorite ice cream again- mango.  He was a happy boy.  He had not had it since before we left for the States but talked often about how much he missed it.

On Tuesday afternoons we drop the boys off for class.  Cruz has piano and Ben has Spanish.  I am so thankful that their times lined up together.  That means we have one whole hour each week all to ourselves.  It is not much but we'll take it.  This past week we headed straight to the coffee shop for frozen frappes.  It is becoming one of my most favorite times of the week.

Cruz at piano lessons

 Ben with his Spanish tutor

The other night while I was cooking supper David noticed this tiny little speck on the kitchen wall.  When we looked closer we realized it was a baby scorpion. 

Here is a closer view.  Of course I had to take a picture before David killed it.  It was the smallest one we had ever seen.

Our Bible studies are all going steady and well.  Here is Cruz playing with a few of the girls before we got started this past week in Nearar.  This week we had a group of young and older boys hang around and do all they could to make noise and be a distraction.  The main thing they did was throw rocks at the church building.  This has been an ongoing problem.  Many of the metal windows are dented due to people continuing to throw rocks on a regular basis.  Let me just add that it is hard to pay attention when rocks pound down on a tin roof.  For now we are choosing to not address it.  We feel it might only escalate if we speak out about it.  Join us in praying for this situation.  My prayer is that the same ones who are doing this will one day be inside joining us in worship.  

sweet, silly kids

We were back in Muyurco on Thursday afternoon for Bible study.  David went last week to kick it off but I was too sick to join him.  This week we all went and I was very excited about starting the children's Bible study there.  When we first started working in this village several years ago I did a study with the kids but dropped it when I started homeschooling.  I am glad to get it back going again.  We had a great first week.  Pray for me as I begin teaching these little ones each week and do my best to point them to Christ.

I don't know about you but I for one am glad it is Friday.  I am looking forward to finishing up the school week and having a few days off.  We have a fun day planned for Saturday as we begin to celebrate Ben's birthday.  Sunday we will be in Nearar that morning and at Bro. Fito's in Chiquimula that evening.  Pray for both of these service times.  

 Have a great weekend everyone! 

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