Monday, March 12, 2018

My Birthday 2018

Just a few days after returning home to Chiquimula I had a birthday.  I had already celebrated early in the States with family before we returned so I expected my original day to just be low-key.  For the most part it was but David and the boys did a few extra sweet things for me to show their love.

My birthday fell on a Sunday this year.  On the Saturday afternoon prior they took me to one of my favorite coffee shops for a frappe.  Like every day around here it was blazing hot so a frozen drink was a perfect way to cool off. 

frappes at Tentaciones

Afterwards we made some stops in town to visit a few new stores that opened while we were gone.  I was very excited to see a new grocery store (Maxi Dispensa) and a new dollar store (Dollar City) had both arrived.  Dollar City is one of my favorite stops while in Guatemala City so having one here makes me very happy. We also got a new McDonald's restaurant and a few new local restaurants.   

That night we ate supper at Pollo Campero.  We were all excited about getting to eat there again.  It was one of the things we missed about Guatemala.  Afterwards we went across the street to visit a small carnival that was in town.  If the circus is not here the carnival will definitely do.   I love both and get very excited when I see them.  It was perfect timing to have something in town like that to do for my birthday.

ready for the roller coaster ride

I love bumper cars!

What a fun night we had!

When I got up on Sunday morning I found this waiting for me in the kitchen.  David and the boys had decorated the night before.  I loved it!

In addition to a banner and balloons, I had roses, two coffee drinks, and homemade cards (my favorite).

We had another one of my favorites for breakfast- blueberry pancakes.

me and my boys on my birthday

We went to Bro. Elias' church that morning and had a great worship service with them.  Afterwards we went out to lunch at Tony's Grill.

birthday lunch

That afternoon Cruz made me a birthday cake out of Legos.  He sure knows how to make me smile.

After supper that night we had real birthday cake.  It was lemon which is one of our favorites. 

It was a great birthday and I look forward to many more to come.


  1. What a sweet boys you have! Happy Birthday! I'm glad to hear it was such a fun and special time. :)

  2. Great Joys! Family Life at the fullest! LOVE LOVE LOVE!


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