Friday, March 9, 2018

March 2018 Newsletter

Greetings from Guatemala!  It is great to be able to type that again now that we are back home in Guatemala.  We were finally able to get internet service installed today.  It took a little longer than we expected but we are thankful to have it.  For that reason our newsletter is a little late going out this month.

 Our return-

We flew back to Guatemala on Monday, February 19 to begin our fourth term of service with the IMB.  We stayed a few nights in Guatemala City before we made the four hour drive back home to our house in Chiquimula. 

We have since been working hard to get our house cleaned, our things unpacked, and get settled back in.  Our house was a lot dirtier than we had ever anticipated.  I swept, washed, mopped, and dusted until I thought my arms would fall off.  Thankfully things are getting back in order now.

Thank you to each one who prayed for a safe return to Guatemala.  We felt your prayers all along the way.  Continue to pray for our readjustment to life back here again.


Since returning we have been trying to make connections with all of our contacts here.  We have visited with many of them already.  It is an encouragement to see their excitement to have us back.  So far we have attended worship at Bro. Elias' church, Bro. Fito's church, and had two services in Nearar.  The Nearar group has been meeting every Sunday morning in the new building and having a women's Bible study/ worship service every Wednesday afternoon.

David has also made visits in Muyurco and Porto Suelo.  The Muyurco group has continued to meet while we have been gone.  They have had to adjust some as they are on a different lot now, but thankfully they have somewhere to meet.  They have been having regular Sunday morning services.  The Porto Suelo group is still walking there each week to worship with them.

Nothing has thrilled our hearts as much as knowing that the work in each of these villages is still alive and well even though we have not been here for the past eight months.  Praise the Lord!


The boys are doing great and readjusting well.  They have been most excited about getting to ride their bikes again and playing with all of their toys.  They have also enjoyed getting to see their neighbor friend again and getting to play with him. 

We took a week off from school to return and then got right back to it.  The best thing we needed to do was get into a normal routine and school helps us do that.  We have now finished two full weeks of lessons since returning.  It has been a smooth transition so far.  I am very glad to be back in my homeschool classroom surrounded by all of my resources.  It is a great feeling.

In addition to school, Cruz started back to piano lessons this week at a music school in town.  He was excited. It is just one more small way that our lives are getting back to normal.

Please continue to pray for my role as teacher that I would have the energy, discipline, patience, and wisdom to do it well.  Pray that I could find a good balance between school, family life, and ministry.

Looking ahead-
We are excited about this new term of service and look forward to seeing how God is going to use us over the next few years.  We are thankful to have you all alongside us praying us through each step of the way.  You are a vital part of our ministry and we could not do it without you.  Thank you for praying.  What an encouragement you are to us! 

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