Tuesday, October 24, 2017

An Afternoon on the Farm

Last Monday we were treated to a farm day field trip by one of the sweet couples from a local church here in Brookhaven.  Mrs. Berenda invited us to her brother's farm to see all of his animals and to let the boys explore the outdoors.  She planned the whole outing and made it a really fun afternoon for our family.

They picked us up as soon as we finished school for the day and we drove out to the farm.  She packed a full picnic lunch for us to enjoy once we arrived. 

One of the first things they did was go see the miniature horses.  The family raises them and had several for the boys to pet. 

enjoying an afternoon in the country

I helped Mrs. Berenda set the picnic up and then we all enjoyed a good meal together.

the boys enjoying a fall picnic

After eating, the boys got to take turns riding one of the horses.

They loved it!

They enjoyed getting to feed them too.

Next we were off to the chicken pens to gather the eggs. 

This was Ben's favorite part of the day.  It has been over a week now and he is still talking about it.

Cruz holding a blue egg.

They also gathered a few miniature eggs.

Ben petting one of the silkie chickens. 

They even got to drive the tractor.  This was Cruz's favorite part of the day.

I think Mr. Dale was loving it too.

They all rode together for a while and then took turns with Mr. Dale making loops around the yard.

The boys with Mr. Ken and Mrs. Berenda
They are a precious couple who are so sweet to our family.

More of the family that hosted us that day.  They sent us home with a dozen of those fresh eggs.  We have enjoyed eating them.

We had a great time and the boys learned a lot.    Mr. Dale was so patient in sharing with them and answering all of their questions.  Ben told him before we left "if you will let me come live here, you can sit around all day and drink coffee and watch the news while I do all of your work."  It made us all laugh.  That was a sign that he had surely had himself an enjoyable time. 

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