Wednesday, October 25, 2017

A Fall Carnival and A Few Fun Donuts

Ben was six months old and Cruz was two years old the last time we were home during the month of October.  They do not have any memories of going to fall carnivals, pumpkin patches, or trunk or treats.  It is not a tradition in Guatemala so they have not grown up with it.  We will visit a few this month so they should have a lot of memories of it after this year.  

The first one we did was last Tuesday night.  Our friends the Browns invited us to their school fall carnival.  The boys were so excited to finally get to wear the costumes they had picked out. 
Stormtrooper and Batman

There were several games for the kids to play.  They did not give out candy but instead gave prizes to the kids.  The boys got a pretty good stash to take home.

Their most favorite thing of all was a whoopee cushion.  They squealed with excitement to finally get one of those.  Cruz has been asking for one for months now.

We loved looking at all the pumpkins that some of the students had decorated.  They were very creative.

Both boys rode the mechanical bull.

(look at that gorgeous sunset!!!)

They played a game where you had to race other kids to see who could gather the most balls from the center ring.  You were tied to a bungee cord which made it a little more challenging. 

Ben ready to race

Cruz, Sara Madalin, and Ben

Reagan, Malinda, me, and David

Before leaving Jackson we made a stop by Krispy Kreme.  We were so close to it and I couldn't resist going by there.  I had seen on facebook that they were advertising their fall decorated donuts.  I knew the boys would love them.  Or, maybe I was just using them as an excuse to get myself one.  Either way it ended up being a perfect way to end our night.

The neon sign was on which meant we got to watch the donuts being made.  The boys have always been fascinated by that.


Do you think he was excited?

look how cute!

The boys picked out two and we picked out one each.  My plan was to buy them and take them home for breakfast the next morning.  Well, that didn't happen.  We ended up eating most of them right there in the store.

 We love donuts and especially fun decorated ones like these.  

At bedtime Cruz told me "this has been the best night ever".  I am so thankful for some time at home to enjoy fun outings like this.  We are making some wonderful memories.

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