Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Rockin' and Rollin'

David's niece has a gymnastics class in Brookhaven every Tuesday afternoon.  When her class is over they usually stop by to visit and eat supper with us.  Last Tuesday they brought a pair of motorized scooters for the kids to ride.  There is a large open parking lot at the mission office where we are still temporarily living so it is plenty of room for them to ride and play.  The boys had the best time on those scooters!

Cruz, Larsen, and Ben

fun times!

Last Wednesday we were treated to lunch by a sweet couple from Central Baptist.  I first met Mrs. Berenda on our last stateside assignment at a WMU meeting I spoke at here in Brookhaven.   She has been such a sweet encouragement to me ever since.  We had a great meal and fellowship time with them and already have plans to get together again.  I am thankful for precious couples like the Berrys who just want to love on and encourage us.  It blesses our hearts!

On Wednesday night we spoke to the elementary children at our home church in Crystal Springs.  David grew up in that church and then later we began to attend together as young single adults.  We were married and discipled there.  David was ordained there and served on staff.  Later we were sent out from there to go to the mission field.  That church is special to us.  We were honored to return and get to challenge the next generation to listen for the voice of God and follow Him wherever he leads.

some of the sweet kids at Harmony Baptist Church

the boys playing with some of our Guatemalan musical instruments

Friday night at the local Jump and Jive.  They love that place!

On Saturday we were in my hometown of Hazlehurst to attend the annual Rockin' Railroad Festival. 

We enjoyed getting to see and visit with a lot of people we have not seen in a while.  Ms. Teresa was one of them. 

we went inside the Mississippi Music Museum

getting his face painted

riding the train

the boys with my Aunt Carolyn

me, Aunt Carolyn, and my mom

we all loved the snowcones

Mimi bought them new shirts at the Rockin' Railroad Festival

We spent the rest of Saturday afternoon and evening at David's grandmothers house visiting family. On Sunday morning we attended church at Southway Baptist in Brookhaven.  That evening our friends, the Browns, drove down to visit.  We had plans to go bowling but ended up just hanging out instead.   It is always a fun, lively time when we get together. 

Ben, Sara Madalin, and Cruz

Reagan, Malinda, me, and David enjoying supper at Broma's in Brookhaven

After our meal we visited a local park to let the kids play.  As you can see the big kids enjoyed it too.

the boys burying Sara Madalin in the rocks

On Labor Day Monday we had a normal morning of school.  We have a field trip planned for later in the week so we needed to have school.  That afternoon we drove to the Browns for a cookout.  Reagan grilled steaks and hamburgers.  It was another fun, relaxing evening with friends.

beautiful Labor Day sunset

One of the boys favorite things for Reagan to do is an experiment using Diet Coke and Mentos.  They love the explosion it makes.  Reagan is always so kind to have the supplies on hand to do it for the kids when we visit.

simple fun

The rest of our week will be filled with school, packing, a field trip, a speaking engagement, a pool party and a lot of watching the weather to keep an eye on Irma's path.  Depending on how it turns it could affect our upcoming travel plans.  For now we will watch and wait.

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