Tuesday, September 12, 2017

A Museum, a Mystery, and a Meeting

My last post left off with our Labor Day celebration.  We then spent Tuesday and Wednesday doing school and packing for our road trip.  On Thursday we participated in our first field trip with the homeschool group we joined.  We went to Cruz's favorite place- the Mississippi Children's Museum.  There were several other families in our group but most of my photos only show my children. 
ready for a fun day of exploring the museum

they had a Curious George exhibit that we visited first

He had no idea what he was holding.  I was able to explain to him how we communicated when I was a child.

This crane is his most favorite thing of all.


catching catfish

After our morning at the museum our group enjoyed a picnic lunch and some play time at Riverside Park.

On our way to our next activity we made a stop by Seattle Drip for an afternoon caffeine fix.

We ended the field trip with a visit to the historic Manship House in Jackson.  We visited one of Mr. Manship's mystery rooms.  They have a few rooms set up for guests to visit.  They divide you by ages.   We were in the five and up room and they also had a room for fourteen and up.  Our room was filled with old artifacts from the Manship family and their travels.  We had a list of clues that we had to find and try to figure out the mystery of where the Manship family traveled, who they went to visit, and why.  It was fun looking through all the old photos and documents for the clues.   It was an interesting outing and we all enjoyed it. 

our mystery room at the Manship House

clue sheets and pencils
You will also notice the timer.  We had 30 minutes to complete the task. 

our group
We finished in 24.41 minutes

That evening I had a speaking engagement in Hazlehurst.  I was honored to share at the Copiah Baptist WMU fall meeting.  That is our home association.  Their theme was a Guatemalan fiesta.  They did a great job on the decorations and meal.  It was a wonderful evening getting to be with some precious ladies many of whom I have known all my life. 

Guatemala fiesta night at the Master's House in Hazlehurst for the Associational WMU fall meeting

my mom, me, and my cousin after the meeting

We finished up our school week on Friday and then that evening had another opportunity to gather with the homeschool group again.   The first Friday of each month they have game night.  This month it was hosted at the home of one of the families in the group.  It was supposed to be a pool party but it was a little cool that evening.  That didn't stop my boys and a few others from swimming.  My two had a wonderful night playing with the other kids.  David and I had a fun night too getting to fellowship with the other parents. 
fun on the playground

going down the tunnel

they loved this slide

it was a beautiful fall like evening and perfect for some outdoor fun

the boys swimming while I sat nearby huddled up around the outdoor fireplace

We were supposed to leave for our road trip on Saturday morning but due to the hurricane we decided to postpone our leave date a few days.  Instead David took the boys to visit his mom, and my mom came down to spend the day with me.  We did some shopping, ate lunch at the Mexican restaurant, and in the afternoon went to take some fall flowers to my grandparents grave.  That evening we all went out to eat at the Family Fish House.

my grandparent's graves

On Sunday morning we attended worship at First Baptist Brookhaven.  That evening the Browns drove down to see us.  We ate, visited, and played cards. 

I am trying to squeeze in a few extra days of school this week that I was not planning to have. Our three week road trip has now been cut down to two weeks. We had to cancel several visits that we had planned to make this week due to the storms passing through Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina. We did not want to be out on the road when they came through.  We will leave later this week and travel to the Mount Pleasant, SC area to visit with our two partner churches.  We are so excited about our time there with them.  Would you pray for our upcoming travel?  We will be spending a lot of time on the road the rest of this month. 

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