Friday, July 28, 2017

What A Week

We returned home from the beach on Saturday evening.  After two straight weeks of being gone I was looking forward to a few days at home.  On Sunday morning we attended worship at Easthaven Baptist which is just a short drive from our mission house.  After church we went out to eat at Ward's.  We love their steak sandwiches and sitting outside under the umbrellas to eat.

Sunday lunch- Ward's steak sandwiches and hot dogs

On Sunday afternoon we had some family come down to visit.  My mom was especially excited about seeing the boys again.  She brought them a few gifts that she has been waiting to give them. 

their reaction when they saw what she had

new fishing poles, tackle boxes, cricket boxes, and an inflatable pool

David set up the projector in the boys room on Sunday night and they watched Pete's Dragon.

Monday and Tuesday we received a lot of rain.  It messed up our fishing and swimming plans so instead I took the boys to visit the local library. 

picking out a few books to read

this one makes me smile

In addition to checking out books we also checked out some movies. One of those was Where the Red Fern Grows.  David and the boys enjoyed watching it this week.

That evening we picked up some food and had a picnic at a local park.  The boys enjoyed playing on the playground and getting to experience a splash pad.  We didn't go prepared for it so they just got wet in their clothes.  They had the most fun running and splashing around.

On Tuesday morning both boys had speech therapy evaluations done at a local therapy center.  They will begin weekly sessions the week after next.  I am thankful to be able to get them a little help with their speech while we are home.

That evening my mom came down to spend the night.  Her birthday was Wednesday and she wanted to wake up here with the boys.  

Mimi reading library books to the boys

She requested me to cook tomato gravy and biscuits for supper.  I also fried some okra to go with it.  After eating we surprised her with a birthday cake. 

after supper we went to a different local park and let the boys play until dark

The boys spraying Mimi with silly string when she got up on her birthday morning.

Happy birthday Mimi!

Ben enjoyed helping her open gifts

She wanted banana pancakes for breakfast and asked for a smiley face one like I do for the boys.

we also had bacon and plenty of coffee

After her birthday breakfast we went out for pedicures.  It is one of our favorite things to do together.

We ate lunch at the new Porches location inside the Brookhaven Country Club.

lunch at Porches to celebrate my mom's birthday

That evening we joined family for a birthday supper at the Mexican restaurant in Hazlehurst.  My mom has a twin brother so we celebrated them both together.  That was fun.

the boys especially enjoyed getting to see their cousin Ryder again

They put the big sombreros on my mom and my uncle, sang to them, and gave them dessert.  They smeared whipped cream on my mom's face and it made the boys laugh out loud.

Look at those big smiles!

fun night with family

After eating we all drove down to Lake Hazle and spent some time fishing until the sun set.  It was the boys first time fishing and first time using their new rods.  They were very excited!

Cruz caught his first fish.  It was funny how it happened.  As soon as his pole was ready he ran down to the bank, cast his line in the water, and within seconds got a bite.  He reeled it in all by himself and as you can see by his big smile he was very proud of himself.  We could not believe it.

fishing buds 

he caught another one

showing his brother his fish

Of course Ben had to touch it.  He touches everything.

Mimi caught one too

and finally Ben got one

On Thursday morning David took the boys to see his mama while I worked at home and ran errands.  While there they enjoyed getting to play and swim with their cousin Larsen.

swimming at Memaw's pool

One of my errands included buying school supplies.  It made me eager to get the new school year started.  I am not ready for the summer break to end but I am ready to get back into our school routine.

On Thursday night we took the boys to the Brookhaven Little Theatre to see their production of The Jungle Book.  It was so cute and we all loved it. 

 ready for the show to begin

Each summer the theatre offers a drama camp for 1st- 7th graders.  At the end of the two week camp the students put on a play. This year they chose The Jungle Book.  I wanted to sign Cruz up but our travels prohibited him from participating both weeks.  I know he would have loved it.  

We made a stop on the way home for ice cream.  It was Miracle Treat Day at Dairy Queen.

testing their blizzards

It was a great way to end a great week.  It has been a busy one but packed full of fun memories.  Speaking of packing, I did a lot of that on Thursday too.  We head out again today for another meeting with our IMB mission family.  This time we will be gathering with all the families who serve in the Americas.  We anticipate another great week ahead. 

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