Wednesday, July 5, 2017

July 2017 Newsletter

Greetings from Mississippi!  The past month felt at times like we were living in a whirlwind.  We began the month by hosting a team from one of our South Carolina partner churches.   They spent the week sharing Bible stories in a few different schools, making home visits, and assisting us with our weekly Bible study in Muyurco.  We spent the next few weeks making follow-up visits and closing out the work for our Stateside Assignment (furlough).  Packing and securing our home felt like an endless task but we got it all done just in time to fly to the States on Friday, June 30.  Our Stateside Assignment has officially begun!  

We have only been in the States a few days but have already had some great times being with family and friends.  These days get busy too because you want to squeeze in as much as you can while you can.  So far our days have been long and full. 

We will have our first speaking engagement this coming Sunday at a little Baptist church in Epes, Alabama.  We are excited about kicking off our time of sharing/ reporting to the churches.  Pray for David as he preaches there this week.  

On Monday we will fly to Virginia for a week of debriefing with the IMB.  We are looking forward to a great time together with colleagues from around the world.  We will see a few familiar faces and hope to meet a lot of new ones too.  Pray that it would be a great time of refreshment and renewal while there.

At the end of the month we will fly to Mexico for a work conference. It will be a gathering of IMB missionaries from all over Central and South America.  We will spend our days in training, worship, fellowship, and hopefully a little fun.

In the middle of all of that we will squeeze in a few days at the beach with family and that will make for a pretty full month.  Pray for all of our upcoming travels and especially pray that we would get adequate rest in the midst of these busy times.

Transition, although fun, is never easy to do.  Pray for us as we begin to settle in and get adjusted to life in the States.  It is a different world than what we are used to living in especially for our boys.  Pray that our time here in the States would be fun and refreshing but more importantly that it would be a productive time of sharing about the good things that God has done in our lives and ministry over the past term.  We hope to be seeing many of you over the next several months and thanking you in person for your love, prayers, and support.  You all keep us going! 

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