Thursday, July 6, 2017

Beginning Our Stateside Assignment 2017

Last Thursday morning we left Chiquimula, Guatemala and traveled into Guatemala City to get ready to fly to the States.  It was a little bitter sweet as we drove away.  We love our home there and will miss it while we are gone.

our family leaving our Guatemala home

We arrived in Guatemala City mid-afternoon.  We checked into our mission house and then got back out to run a few errands.  Those errands included haircuts for all of us.  We ate Pizza Hut for our last meal there, visited with a team who was staying at the mission house, and then tried our best to get a good nights sleep.  

Our 4:00 a.m. wake up call came early!  We got dressed, caught our taxi, and made our way to the airport.  It was still dark which really confused the boys.

leaving our mission house in Guatemala City on our way to the States

catching our taxi

we were packed in that taxi like sardines!

The boys were so excited about flying again!

boarding our flight

leaving Guatemala City
(you can see the volcano in the background)

This is what he thought about taking off.  He was SO excited!

riding "the train" in the Atlanta airport

While waiting to board our flight from Atlanta to Jackson the boys got to visit with the pilots at the gate.  They told the boys to stop and visit with them after we landed.  We were seated on the very last row so we were the last ones off anyway so that worked out perfect.  As soon as we walked on the flight the first person we saw was Trent Lott.  He is a former United States Senator from Mississippi.  The boys got to meet him too and shake his hand.   

After our flight not only did they get to meet the pilots but they also got to sit in their seats.  You can imagine just how much they loved that!  It was very kind of them to take a little extra time to make the boys feel so special.

Captain Cruz

and to finish it off they both received some wings that they proudly pinned on their shirts to show family that was waiting.

Some of our welcome home crew.  It sure was good to see their faces.

We had our first meal in the States in David's hometown with some of his family.  We had a great meal at the local Mexican restaurant.  Yes, we wanted to eat there.  No, we do not get that kind of food all the time. It's Mexican/ Tex Mex.  We live in Guatemala and the food there is different.  We get asked those questions a lot. 

fun first night home with family

I know that many of you prayed for our travel day and we say thank you!  Overall it was a pretty smooth day of travel and even though we had a few small delays we still made it home on time.  It is so good to be back in the U.S.A!  There really is no place like home.

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