Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Wrapping Things Up

Over the past week we have been busy making final visits, wrapping up our weekly Bible studies, and saying our goodbyes.  It has been a little sad at times but when we think about the fun that lies ahead it helps keep us going.

We had our last Bible study in Muyurco last Thursday afternoon.  It was a great time of closure there.  At the end they thanked us and prayed for us.  It felt more like a sending off time than anything else.  It was a beautiful reminder of the body of Christ.  The churches in the States pray for us and send us out and now that it is time to return for a while the church here is praying and sending us back.  It was a special time and it blessed my heart.  They asked us to tell the churches to pray for them.  I assured them that I do and will continue to in the days ahead.  We know they will continue to meet in our absence and we will look forward to seeing the progress they have made when we return.

the boys in Muyurco

Cruz enjoying the breeze on the drive back down the mountain

It was another rainy, wet Thursday afternoon for the drive back

they are going to miss riding these mountain roads

A local music school was having a concert in the park on Friday night so we spent some time there watching and listening.  It was a fun outing complete with frozen frappes and smoothies.

On Sunday we all headed out together for the final Bible study in Nearar.  Normally the boys and I do not go because the hike to get to the study and back is just plain hard.  This week though we wanted to show our support to David and say our goodbyes to the group so off we went.  Miguel went with us also.  He is an important part of our ministry so it was good to have him that day to help us close out our time there. 

traveling to Nearar on Sunday morning

Starting the hike to Bible study.  It started to drizzle just as we arrived.

hiking in Nearar
the views on the trail are so beautiful there!


Ben thought this mushroom looked like an umbrella.

We had another great closing out service there.  The leader, Rafael, said some very kind words of appreciation to David.  In closing he said they were going to really miss him and thanked him for faithfully coming every week to share with them the Word of God. 

During the service we had a time of baby dedication for this precious little one month old baby boy.  He is pictured here in his grandmothers arms along with his mother and siblings. 

hiking back up the mountain

almost to the top

We park at the construction site so I took one final picture of the building with David and the boys in front.  I will be anxious to see it when we get back. It should be completed and we will be meeting there on a weekly basis.  The boys and I will be able to go with David every week and help be a part of the services.  I am excited about that.

On Sunday evening we went to Bro. Fito's church for one final worship service with them.  I love getting to attend their worship services on Sunday nights.  It gives our family an opportunity to go to church without having to be in charge.  Our presence is an encouragement to them and getting to sit in on their worship and Bible study is an encouragement to us.  It is a win/ win for all.

After the service there was a birthday party for this little cutie who turned three.  We enjoyed cake and tamales with them before we left.

Angel taste testing his cake

so sweet!

The rest of the week has been busy with packing and cleaning.  We are down to the wire now.  In just a few short days we'll be boarding the plane and saying "see you later" to the county that is our second home.  We love Guatemala!  We love the people, the places, the culture, the sights, the sounds, and just everything that makes this place so great.  We will miss it while we are gone and will look forward to returning again to share our lives with the precious people here.

 packing for Stateside in 2013

packing for Stateside in 2017

See you soon Mississippi!!!

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