Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Our 21st Wedding Anniversary

On April 27 we celebrated our 21st wedding anniversary.  For the past few years now we have been celebrating with a visit to El Salvador.  It is a fun family trip and one of my favorite times of the year.

heading out for a few days of fun in the sun

On the way we always stop for lunch at  Pizza Hut in Santa Ana, El Salvador. We love Pizza Hut but the closest one to us is four hours away in Guatemala City.  If we get a chance to eat at one we most always stop.  This one in El Salvador is really good.

What we love most about the Pizza Hut in Santa Ana is that it is located right next door to a restaurant called Mr. Donuts.  After our pizza we always walk next door for dessert.  We love donuts!!!  These two stops are one of the things I look forward to most about our anniversary trips to El Salvador.

Once we arrived and got checked in we headed straight to the beach.  The boys were very hyped up about playing in the sand and the waves.  

the beach in El Salvador

here is a short video of them enjoying the ocean

During our trip there we built several sand castles,

we caught a lot of hermit crabs (Ben's favorite thing),

we swam in the pool,

we played,

we made memories,

we explored,

and we just simply had fun!

The hotel has nightly movies for the kids and live shows.  My boys love the High Five show and look forward to it each time we go.  This year they got brave and volunteered to go up on stage for one of the acts.  They had to dance around until the music stopped and then freeze.  Whoever moved was out.  They lasted a good while and had a lot of fun in the process.

breakfast on our anniversary morning

supper on our anniversary night

No special occasion would be complete without a few family photos.  Here are the ones we took on our anniversary this year. 

We had a beautiful sunset backdrop that evening!

I would not want to do life with anyone else.  I think we make a pretty good team.

21 years and counting!


  1. Congratulations on twenty-one years of marriage!! We always enjoy your blog posting and pictures. You been on the mission field a long time and are very faithful to your calling. You live in Guatemala and drive to El Salvador for a little vacation and some would call you crazy saying it is too dangerous. We admire you for all that you do in Guatemala. What town did you stay at in El Salvador by the beach? Thanks for the great pictures and videos!
    God bless you all richly,
    Michael and Patty Kane

  2. Hi Michael, thanks for the kind words. We went to Salinitas, Sonsonate. Blessings to you and Patty.


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