Monday, May 29, 2017

A Little of our Lives Lately

This post will be a catch up of all the random photos I have taken over the past few months.  I have not done a good job of posting about daily life lately so maybe after this post I'll get back on track.

Our family was featured recently in several Baptist publications.  Many learned about our family and our ministry here in Guatemala.  We received a lot of emails, cards, letters, and precious words of encouragement from Baptist churches all over the United States. It was such an uplifting time for us! We were able to do several Skype calls with church groups over the past few months.  Most every Wednesday night and several Sunday nights recently we have been gathered around our computer meeting and greeting some precious folks.  It was fun to share with them and have them pray for us.  Oh how that encouraged our hearts!  The boys especially enjoyed it.  It was good for them to see the people in the States and to know that they are praying for us and give so that we can be here.  I was able to use it as a teaching tool for them.  We are proud to represent Southern Baptists here on the mission field and are thankful for the way they love and support their missionaries. 

our family ready for a recent Skype call with a Baptist church in the States

a fun group of Mission Friends we shared with in Texas

Back in March we made another visit to the Ipala Volcano with several other families who were in our area having a retreat. 

the drive up to the volcano is a rocky one but it offers some amazing views

A few of us did a hike to the lookout.  Here is a view of the crater lake from above.  It's beautiful!

We were invited to a hot dog roast that some friends were hosting.  In addition to the hot dogs we also made s'mores.  The adults enjoyed talking while the kids all ran around and played.  It was a fun night.

We have entered the rainy season.  That means afternoon showers are becoming the norm.  We always celebrate its arrival after many dry months.  Here are the boys on a recent afternoon playing in the rain.  It is one of their favorite things to do. 

Here is Cruz on another afternoon of playing in the rain.  He was going to be funny and throw a brick into a mud puddle.  As you can see the joke was on him.  The mud splashed all over his face.  I don't think he will be doing that again any time soon.

silly boys on a recent visit to Wendy's

If you know me then you know that I am terrified of snakes.  It's bad.  Really bad.  So you can imagine my fear recently when I opened the toilet lid and saw a long black snake inside the toilet.  I screamed like I was dying and ran out of the bathroom only to find my oldest child bent over in laughter.  He had put his plastic snake in there to scare me.

He said "where's your camera mama?  I need to take a picture."  Needless to say I didn't find it near as amusing as he did!!! 

I found this note on the kitchen table one afternoon.  "We broke the lamp.  We are so! so! so! so! so! so! so! so! so! so! so! sorry."   Who can be mad after all that remorse?  ha

trying to catch butterflies

They had a neighbor friend over for a movie night in the living room.

Their latest favorite thing is turning their bunk beds into a fort.  They make a huge mess but they love it.  On a recent day of fort building they decided to turn their fort into a restaurant.  They called it Cruz's Grill.  Here is the sign they hung on the rail to advertise.

"Min you (menu):  fish, chicken, cow, pig, alligator, banana, turkey, waffle, corn."

Ben covered in a yogurt drink on a recent afternoon.  Thankfully he was sitting at the table and not in Cruz's Grill. ha

an afternoon outing to McDonald's for ice cream and play

I mentioned in a recent post that the boys and I traveled into Guatemala City to meet David at the airport when he returned from his trip to Mexico.  In case you were wondering, we did not make that trip alone.  Our ministry partner Miguel rode with us in case anything happened.  He rode in with us that morning and then caught the bus back home that afternoon because we were staying overnight and he had to get back for seminary class the next day.  We are so thankful for him and his servant heart.  He is a huge blessing to our family.

the boys and Miguel enjoying some ice cream at Sarita's on our recent trip into Guatemala City

Ben at Sarita's ice cream shop in El Rancho

David returned from his trip with a lot of fun surprises for us.  One of our favorites were some Krispy Kreme donuts he picked up at the Mexico City airport before catching his flight.  After being gone a week we were so glad to have him back home!

On a recent trip to our local mall to pick up a few groceries we got to try out a new virtual reality 9D adventure ride.  It just opened in our mall.  There are several different themes you can choose from.  The boys picked out a dune buggy race through the mountains.  It was a little much for me but they loved it! 

having fun with my boys

There is a screen outside that lets everyone watch.  David was able to see us and take a few photos.

Here are the boys making a chain countdown for our upcoming trip to the States.  We are getting very excited around here. 

Lastly, our family has never had a pet.  Recently though we have had one trying real hard to call our house its home.  This little creature loves to hang out in our carport.  Many days we have walked out and seen it laying around.  We usually run it off but eventually it finds its way back.  On Friday David picked it up on a stick and carried it off down the road and set it out in a field.  So far it has not returned.  We will wait and see if it does.  

Ben helping David carry our unwanted pet away.  Cruz was mad because he had brought that stick home from the village the day before and he did not want David to use it for that.  

It is never dull around here that's for sure.  There is always something to keep us entertained.  It might not always be the way I like it but it makes for some fun memories.

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