Thursday, April 20, 2017

Easter Sunday 2017 (Ben's 5th birthday)

I last posted about celebrating Ben's 5th birthday.  It fell on Easter Sunday this year but we celebrated a day early so that we could still make Easter a special day.  Once the boys were fast asleep on Saturday night I got busy taking down all of the Minion decorations I had worked so hard the night before putting out.  I then began decorating for Easter.  Two big days in a row made for one tired mama!

Our Easter morning breakfast consisted of scrambled eggs, bacon, cinnamon cream cheese roll-ups (a family favorite that Ben requested), apple slices, juice, and a lot of coffee for me.

their Easter treats

He was officially five years old that day.

my big baby boy!

our family Easter photo taken before church

 David and the boys on Easter Sunday morning/ Ben's birthday

me and my sweet boys on Easter Sunday morning/ Ben's birthday

brothers on Easter

Because I like looking back at holidays past, here is a collage I made of them in 2013 on their first Easter together. 

That morning we went to church at Bro. Elias's church in Chiquimula.  David had called the day before to confirm their service times.  I joked with him that after he told Bro. Elias that we would be there Bro. Elias was going to call back and ask him to preach (he preached there last Easter Sunday).  He never called.  Instead, he walked over to greet us right after the service began and on the spot asked David to share the message.  You can't say no!  So, he preached and did an outstanding job.  I told him that I was glad he didn't spend all week preparing because I couldn't imagine it being any better.  I was proud of him.

David preaching on Easter Sunday morning in Chiquimula

We do not get to go to this church very often because normally on Sunday mornings David is teaching in the village.  When we do get to go the boys always love it because they have kid classes for them to attend.  This week they made these "Jesus Lives" sun visors.  They had a fun morning.

the boys with Bro. Elias on Easter Sunday morning

A new restaurant opened in our town recently.  It is called Tony's Grill.  We had gone recently with another family and really enjoyed it.  The boys loved the playland they have there and Ben asked if we could eat there for Easter lunch/ his birthday so he could play again.  Most all restaurants and fast food places here in Guatemala have nice indoor playlands/ play areas for the kids.  That is one thing we love about Guatemala. 

Easter/ birthday lunch at Tony's Grill in Chiquimula

chocolate ice cream for the birthday boy 
(it came with his kids meal)

After eating we ran home to change clothes and then met another family at a local pool to spend the afternoon swimming and playing. 

it was a hot, sunny day so cooling off in the pool was perfect

the kids had a blast!

sweet friends

We returned home for supper and baths and the boys were in bed asleep by 7:00.  That was early but they were so tired!  It had been a long, busy weekend but a fun filled one from start to finish.

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