Sunday, April 16, 2017

Ben Turns Five

I love my boy's birthdays.  It is an exciting time around here every April and May.  I love reminiscing and looking back at old birthday photos and especially looking back at their birth photos and videos.  It is a sweet reminder of the miracle they are and the joy they bring to me.  It is also a bittersweet reminder that they are growing up very fast.  The saying is true that the days seem long but the years fly by.  It seems like yesterday little Ben joined our family and now he is turning 5 years old!

Something about their first birthday and the fifth birthday just seem a little harder to pass than others.  Turning five seems like a big milestone and it has been hard on my heart with both boys.  There is no trace of baby left and very little "little boy".  He wants to be a big boy now and although I love the independence that comes with it I do find myself often missing those younger years.  They are so hard while you are in the middle of them but they are oh so precious to think back on.

So, with that being said, I'm looking back today at some of those photos from years past and smiling big as I am reminded of what a sweet, precious boy that Ben is.

checked into the hospital and ready to meet our baby boy

 Welcome to our world sweet baby Ben!!!
April 16, 2012


love at first sight!

6 months old

12 months old

 always on the go!

first birthday party

I'd say he enjoyed his cake

Ben's first birthday 

walking at almost 15 months
July 2013

2nd birthday

our family on Ben's second birthday


 turning 3

 Ben's third birthday


 birthday #4

 Ben's 4th birthday


 first day of preschool
August 2016

first time riding without training wheels
January 2017
turning 5!
April 16, 2017

Ben's 5th birthday party

And here is his birth video.  I love watching it!  I often tell him that if I could search the world over for a little boy I would always choose him.  I am so glad that I get to be the one to hold his hand and watch him grow.  It is a job that I don't take lightly and one that I greatly treasure.

We are celebrating #5 today!  We are thanking God for Ben's little life, and trusting Him to give us the wisdom we need to lead him in the years ahead.  He's only ours for a little while.  Days like today remind me to slow down and enjoy every moment.  I'll look back at this time one day and wonder where it went. 

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