Monday, March 6, 2017

My Birthday 2017

My birthday always falls on or near the Intermissions Conference that we like to attend each year.   The conference takes place in Panajachel, Guatemala so I get to travel and enjoy some time away to celebrate.  The conference is at a nice hotel and all the meals are provided.  So, that meant no cooking or cleaning for me this year.  That is a birthday gift in itself! 

This year my birthday was on Saturday right in the middle of the conference.  Another thing we love about Intermissions is that there is wonderful childcare for the children.  They have VBS style classes all day and during the evening worship times.  So while the boys were off having themselves a blast I got to spend the day enjoying some much needed adult time.  That made for a very relaxing day from start to finish.

The boys surprised me first thing that morning with a card and balloon.  I say "surprised" but I actually knew it was coming because I have two little ones that cannot keep a secret. ha  I think they were more excited about my birthday than I was.  In addition to that I got the best morning snuggles and the sweetest "Happy birthday mama" wishes.

my birthday morning

Breakfast started at 7:00 and the first conference session was not until 9:00.  We set the alarm to get to breakfast when it started so we could squeeze in a quick boat ride on Lake Atitlan before the first morning session.

Eating breakfast on my birthday morning.  It was a nice buffet meal in the hotel dining room.

After eating we walked down to the lake and hired a taxi boat driver to drive us around.  Normally they take people from town to town around the lake so he was a little confused that we didn't want to go anywhere specific.  We just wanted to enjoy the boat ride and come back.  It was a beautiful, cool morning and a perfect way to start my day.  Lake Atitlan is gorgeous and we always enjoy our visits there.  If I had to write a list of my favorite things to do in Guatemala a boat ride on the lake would definitely be on it.  Being surrounded by such beauty just puts my heart at peace.

our family on the boat

the boys are learning to love it just as much as I do

me and my boys on my birthday

There are three volcanoes that surround the lake.  You can see the top of one of them in the middle of this photo.  It was a little hazy that morning so the views were not as clear.

Ben on the boat

We returned to the hotel, checked the boys into their classes, and then headed off to our morning worship service.  How special to get to worship in English on my birthday!  And, do it child free. I just cannot describe it in words.

There were three workshop times offered that day.  The classes I chose to attend were on nutrition and a moms forum for raising missionary kids.  The moms forum had three veteran moms who shared wisdom and advice with us and did a question and answer time too.   The classes were good and the topics were perfect.  There are a lot of things that I love and cooking and being a mom are among them.

The adults have free time from 3-5 in the afternoon.  During that time I signed up for a free pedicure offered by the servant team who came down from the States to pamper us.  Oh what a treat that was on my birthday!

birthday pedicure

Because of my birthday I won a free book during one of the sessions.  I have been reading through it lately and just soaking it in.  It is a great read if you are someone like me who has a hard time saying no. 

That evening instead of eating at the hotel we took a short tuk tuk ride across town to enjoy some pizza at one of our favorite little restaurants in Panajachel. 

a boat ride and a tuk tuk ride in the same day= FUN!

birthday pizza supper in Panajachel

We had a little time to kill between supper and the evening session so when we returned from the restaurant we enjoyed birthday cake in our room. 

me on my birthday night
Yes, I'm 45!  No, I don't love it.  But, I'm trying to embrace it, ha.

my cake
We use the same number candles for all of our birthdays.  It is a fun tradition I started after Cruz was born.

We then headed out to drop the boys off in their classes and we attended the night worship service.  That makes two English worship services on my birthday.  What a gift that was!

It was a great day and one that left me giving thanks to God for the wonderful life that He has given to me.  I'm a blessed girl and I don't have to look around far to be reminded of it.

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