Friday, March 24, 2017

Moving Right Along

I wanted to give a little update on the recent progress of the new church building in the village of Nearar.  The guys are working really hard and doing a great job.  I have been trying to take photos each Thursday as we pass by on our way to Bible study in Muyurco.  We usually stop and visit with the guys on the way to encourage them.  Continue to pray for this building project and for each one who is working hard each day to make it happen.  Pray specifically for Rafael who is in charge of the project.  Pray that he would make good, wise decisions in all aspects of the construction.  Pray that they would be bold in sharing Christ with those who stop by each day to watch and ask questions. 

breaking ground back on February 27

March 2

March 9

March 16

March 23

March 23

March 23 

I get very excited to see the progress each week.  I am amazed at how far they have come in just a short amount of time.  Keep those prayers coming!  

I have a few other random photos I have taken over the past couple of weeks at our Bible studies.  The first one is of David presenting a large print Bible to one of the men who attends our study on Thursdays in Muyurco.  He had asked a while back for a large print Bible and we have been on the lookout for one.  While attending the Intermissions Conference back in February we found one at the free book swap.  It was in like new condition and he was so proud to receive it!

David presenting Virgilio with a new large print Spanish Bible.

Ben hiking to Bible study on a recent Thursday afternoon.  He had a stick in his hand and a butterfly landed on it.  He was so excited.

The creek in Muyurco is d-r-y.  There is not a single drop of water flowing.  It probably won't be any until the rains begin in late May.  All over our Department of Chiquimula there are water shortages.  Even where we live almost every well is dry (including ours).  April and May are the hottest months of the year here.  Pray that the rains would come early this year.  The people and their crops really need it.

Last Thursday at our Bible study the family had someone there making adobe bricks.  It is always interesting to watch them being made.

 New bricks drying in the sun.  The family plans to sell these to make money.

Last Saturday David and a few from our Sunday morning group in Nearar traveled to the village of Peña Blanca and led a home Bible study there.  Pray for the family that they were able to share the gospel with.  They also made a trip to the village Nenoja this past Tuesday to visit with a family there.

David and the boys this past Sunday night on our way to Bible study at Bro. Fito's church in Shusho Abajo.   All three of them had their Bible bags and were ready for worship.  We enjoy getting to be a part of the services there on Sunday nights.

Ben hiking to Bible study in Muyruco this week.  He most always grabs a stick to carry and wants to walk in front.  He says that he is our protector.  He's pretty tuff to be such a little guy.  

We have two services coming up this weekend that we ask your prayers for.  The first will be Saturday morning in the village of Nenoja.  The Bible study group in Nearar visits there most every Saturday to try to get a home Bible study started.  They will be having a special service there this Saturday that we will plan to attend with them.  Secondly pray for a special service that will be taking place at Bro. Fito's church on Sunday morning.    It will be a regional gathering of pastors from this department and two neighboring departments.  Pray for a great time of fellowship and encouragement for each one attending.  

As always we appreciate your prayers for all aspects of our lives.  We cannot express enough just what an encouragement it is to us to know that you are praying.  Thank you!

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