Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Homeschool Week 27: Ready For Spring

Here is a look at last week's homeschool activities.  We had a great time of learning!

In Bible we covered the stories of The Feeding of the 5,000 and Jesus Walks on Water.  Cruz had to recite his memory work- Matthew 18:1-6.  

Cruz doing a Bible worksheet while I taught the story one day.

We have talked a lot about salvation lately and listening for God's voice.  Would you join me in praying for the hearts of my two boys?  Pray for me as I strive to teach them and point them to Christ each day.

Cruz saying his memory verses for the month of February

In language Cruz spent the week focusing on words that have the "th" and "tch" sounds.  All of his daily reading stories focused on those two sounds.  He took his book end assessment test on Friday and did well.  Both of my boys have speech issues.  Cruz especially struggles with "th".  I was glad to have the week to really work with him on that.  We watched several YouTube videos to help show him mouth position and practice.  YouTube is probably my #1  favorite resource for homeschool.  Almost any question I have had or help that I have needed I have found it there.  I am so thankful for technology! 

suffix review

completing a daily reading assignment

Ben learned letter "Q".  His memory verse for the week was 1 Corinthians 16:13: "Quit you like men, be strong".  His nursery rhyme for the week was Humpty Dumpty.
reviewing his letters and sounds

playing sight word Bingo

Humpty Dumpty 

Our History lessons were on The Pony Express, Buffalo Bill, and Pony Bob. 

Our weekly activity was making footprint horses.  Here is Cruz cutting out his footprint.

gluing on yarn for the mane

they love to cut and glue

our pony express footprint horses

We learned about two States- Nevada and Nebraska.

We love our Science lessons.  They are always the funnest part of the week.  This week we studied flowers.  I had two different flowers for us to look at and dissect.  We used them to identify all the parts of the flower as well.  The boys really loved this and spent a long time with their magnifying glasses looking over each little part of the flowers.  Cruz said "Mama, I had no idea how fun this was going to be!"

one of the flowers we dissected

getting an up close look at our flower

They love getting to use their magnifying glasses!

looking at the smaller pieces once we tore it apart

We used this flower more for labeling and learning the parts.  It was almost too pretty to cut open.

flower week in Science

looking over every little piece

Cruz liked getting to use a knife to cut open the parts.

I love watching them learn new things.

We read the book Planting A Rainbow and then did a painting project.  We looked at online photos of flower fields and then the boys had to paint their own.  They love painting!  I only gave them red, blue, and yellow paint.  They had to mix the colors to get other colors they wanted.  They enjoyed that and it was good review for them on which colors to put together.

Ignore my shirtless boys.  It is always hot here and most days they prefer to run around like that. 

mixing colors

Cruz's flower field

Ben's flower field

Here are Cruz's journal entries for the week-
"My visit to Intermissions was... fun, swimming, class, food, friends, crafts, boat ride, games, sing, and pajamas.  I loved it!"  We obviously need to work more on sentence structure. ha  He listed pajamas because my boys get so excited about getting to wear long pajamas when we travel. It is too hot here for them so on trips to places like Guatemala City and Panajachel it is a highlight for them.

"A place I would like to visit is...the circus, children's museum, zoo, and El Salvador.  I like to visit fun places."

In Health we learned about storm safety and tips to keep us safe.  We read the story in Matthew 14: 22-33 about Jesus calming the storm.  We also memorized Psalm 56:3 "What time I am afraid, I will trust in Thee."

In Art they drew a baby squirrel-

We also did several spring themed art projects.  One of those was making hand print butterflies.

hand print butterflies for our school room door

We used paper plates, paint, and construction paper to make insects.  Ben chose a ladybug and Cruz chose a bee.

our door so far for the month of March

They colored the letters for the word "spring" and these coloring sheets.  It wasn't until I hung them on our door that I realized the difference in their coloring.  All of Cruz's work was light and all of Ben's work was dark.  Cruz had colored the letters I, N, and G.  Ben colored the letters S,P, and R.

Lastly, we finished up our latest read aloud book Little House on the Prairie.  The boys really enjoyed it and are looking forward to starting our next book On the Banks of Plum Creek.  I love sitting down and reading to my boys.  We learn so much together and it opens up such wonderful conversations for us to have.  I don't expect them to remember everything we have read but what I do hope they remember is that I read.  My hope is that it will bring them lots of warm memories in the years to come.

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