Monday, February 6, 2017

FBC Mt Pleasant, SC January 2017 Team

We recently hosted our first team of the year.  We have a partnership with two churches in Mount Pleasant, SC- First Baptist and LifePark.  Each church sends down teams a few times a year to work alongside us.  This team was from First Baptist.  We love the relationships that we are building with these two congregations.  Many of our team members are repeats so it gives us a great chance to better know each other.  They are a huge source of encouragement to us not only while here but throughout the year.  We are blessed to have such great partners in ministry!

our January team

The boys and I stayed home and had school the first few days while the team went out making visits.  They visited a few pastors in Chiquimula and Bro. Jose Maria in El Palmar.  They made home visits in Chanco, Salitron, and Corral de Piedres.  In addition to visiting, sharing their testimonies, and telling Bible stories, they were able to pray over a lot of needs and sickness. 

the team visiting with Bro. Elias in Chiquimula

visiting Bro. Jose Maria in El Palmar

The future church building in El Palmar now has a roof.  It looks great!  The team sat under it to have their picnic lunch that day.

visiting in Chanco

 visiting in Salitron

On Wednesday night we all attended a mid-week service at Bro. Fito's church in Chiquimula.  This was the first time to do that with a team.  They enjoyed being there and the congregation was encouraged by their presence.  The team sang a hymn in English while the congregation sang along in Spanish.  Wednesday night is normally a service for the women so two of our women shared.  It was a good night.

the team singing "At The Cross"

Laura is a former MK from Mexico so she spoke fluent Spanish.  Here she is giving a greeting to the congregation. 

Jennifer shared a message and Miguel translated for her.

the boys with Nathan on Thursday morning ready for a fun day in the mountains with the team

We visited Cruz's former school in Jocotan to encourage the director.  Mrs. Jane is a precious lady who loves the Lord and is doing a wonderful job of sharing her faith at her school with the students and teachers.  We wanted to encourage her to keep up the good work she is doing for the Lord.

hiking in La Libertad

The boys with Laura in La Libertad.  Because she was a former MK I was able to ask her several questions about raising my boys on the mission field.  I am thankful for all the insight she was able to share with me and the advice that she gave from a kids perspective.  Raising children in another culture is not as easy as it might seem.  It can be a little frightening and overwhelming at times.  I think all missionary parents often wonder if we are doing it right.  I am thankful that God put Laura on the team for many reasons but especially for the way she encouraged my heart as a MK mother.

The team making a home visit in La Libertad.  The family invited us back over the weekend to do a service in their home.  David and Miguel were able to return on Saturday afternoon and teach in this home to a group of several families.

more hiking

Ben leading the way on the trail.  He said the stick was to fight off any wild animals that we might encounter. ha

We had a picnic lunch on the roadside and the boys got to use their slingshots to shoot rocks into the river.  This is something they enjoy doing with each team.

Nathan helping Cruz with his slingshot

We made a stop in Nearar to pray over the land where the future church building will be.  Most of the men are currently away working but a few of the ladies joined us for the prayer. They have plans to begin building later this month.  Please keep this building project in your prayers.  We are looking forward to the day when we will regularly have services on this exact spot. 

Nathan and Cruz playing paper, rock, scissors before our Thursday afternoon Bible study began in Muyruco.  You can see Mike playing with Ben in the background.  Our boys think of the teams as family and I love the way the teams incorporate them.  It blesses my heart!

We had a group of ladies from Elmore Baptist Association in Alabama make several pillowcase dresses for us to give out.  They shipped the dresses to the team to bring down and during the week we were able to pass out several of them to little girls that we encountered along the way.  We also gave them out to each little girl at our Thursday Bible study.  We are thankful for those who gave fabric and ribbon, for Mrs. Dot and Mrs. Joyce for sewing, and for Mrs. Pat for getting them shipped to us.

pillowcase dresses to give away

Isn't she precious in her new dress!

too cute!

Mike teaching at our Thursday afternoon Bible study in Muyurco (David translating)

Jennifer sharing with the ladies in Muyurco

Bible study in Muyurco

Jennifer, Laura, and Heather

a group photo with Miguel before leaving for Guatemala City on Friday morning

having lunch at Pollo Campero in Guatemala City

shopping at the market in Guatemala City

We are always sad to see the teams go because we build such a bond with them while they are here.  It is a lot of work hosting teams but it is also refreshing for us in many ways.  We are often in a lull for a few days after they go because we miss the fellowship time.  It just makes us look forward to the next team's arrival even more.

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