Friday, February 24, 2017

A Few Good Things

This past Sunday we were excited about returning to the village of El Palmar and getting to be a part of their worship service in the building they are building.  They still have some work to do but they are at a place where they can at least start meeting there now.  They are a sweet little congregation and we love going and encouraging them.  Here are some comparisons of the construction from November to now. 

a photo of the building back in November

The outside of the building now.   Bro. Fito has a metal working business and built the windows, doors, and gate for them.

 the inside back in November 

the inside back in early January

the inside now
Because of the hot climate in our area they plan to leave it open air.  Eventually they will put in a floor.  We are proud of the work they have done already in just a short amount of time.  It is a simple but sufficient meeting place for them and they are very proud of it.

The back of the building looking out towards the road. To the far right are bathrooms.

Here is Cruz playing Jesus Loves Me at the service last Sunday night.  

Pray for this group as they gather weekly for worship.  Pray for Bro. Jose Maria as he faithfully leads them each week.  Pray that this church would be a lighthouse in their area.

The group in Nearar is excited about beginning their construction project this weekend.  They have been planning, praying, and saving and they are now ready to begin. Would you pray for this project?  Pray for a smooth start and an easy process.  As you can imagine, not everyone there is excited about this new church building.  Would you pray against any opposition the group might encounter?  We are very excited to see this plan come to life.  Many of you have been praying for this village for several years now.  Because of that you have a part in what is taking place and all the good things that will come from it in the future.  Keep praying for this spiritually dark area.  God is working but the enemy is too.

The most recent photo I have of the land in Nearar.  It was taken back in January when our team stopped there to pray.  One day soon there will be a Baptist church sitting there.  How exciting is that!

Our group in Muyurco has come up with a plan to do three revivals over the next three months in their area.  The first one will take place this weekend in the village of Porto Suelo.  Our Muyurco leader, Anacleto, will be leading it.  They will do three nights of services and will include a baptismal service for a few new believers in that village.   Would you pray for the services this weekend?  Pray for Anacleto, Julio, and the others who will be leading.  Pray for many hearts to be touched in that village as a result of this revival.

We will be traveling this weekend and will not be around to participate.  Yet, in spite of our absence, the locals plan to continue with it on their own.  That is such a blessing to our hearts! We will be away attending the annual Intermissions Conference with several other missionary families who serve in Guatemala.  We are looking forward to a few days of fun, fellowship, worship, relaxation, and refreshment. The boys are looking forward to their VBS style classes and getting to hang out with some other missionary kids.  They are going to have a blast!  I am looking forward to visiting with some other missionary moms.  David is looking forward to the coffee breaks.  ha  Pray for a great weekend for our family and for safety as we travel. 

Meet you back here next week!  I hope to have lots of photos to share.

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