Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Life Lately In Our Little Part Of The World

What have we been up to lately?  This post will give you a little glimpse of our lives over the past two weeks.

Here are the boys hiking to Bible study in Muyurco.  We teach there every Thursday afternoon.

We have been learning some in our History class about Presidents.  We have studied about George Washington and John and Abigail Adams.  We also learned a little about Washington D.C. and the White House.  I was excited for the boys to get to watch the Inauguration ceremony to learn a little more about the United States.   We planned our school day around us getting to watch all of the activities.  I started our morning with a patriotic themed breakfast.  I unpacked some of my 4th of July decorations and gave our house an American theme for the day. One thing living outside of the States has taught me is a greater love and respect for our home country. 

breakfast on Inauguration Day

They especially loved this flag fruit platter.

 Our dessert for the day was these flag themed cupcakes.  

On Saturday morning we took the boys to see a movie at the theater in our town.  Moana was showing and we all enjoyed it.

popcorn and a movie on Saturday morning

Afterwards we made a stop by the grocery store to pick up supplies for our upcoming team.  The boys always look forward to helping us shop for the teams.

David taught in Nearar on Sunday morning and then that evening our first team of the year arrived.  It was a team from our partner church First Baptist in Mount Pleasant, SC. 

Our family with the team after having supper and devotion at our house on their first night here.

Later this week I will blog separately about our wonderful time with the team. They returned home to the States this past Saturday.  We then spent some time in Guatemala City running errands, buying supplies, and having a little fun with the boys.

playing at a McDonald's playland in Guatemala City

We took them to get much needed haircuts.   We always get their hair cut at Klippers inside Eskala Mall. 

Ben had been asking all week to get a gumball after his haircut.  He was very happy when he finally got to get one.

my two boys looking much better with new haircuts

We made a stop by a photo processing store to get Ben's picture taken for a new passport.  His passport expires in April so it was time to apply for a new one.

I think his picture turned out cute.  It looks like a school picture to me.

When renewing a child's passport you have to show progression photos over the past five years.   I made this collage to take for Ben.  The top corner photo was taken when he was just a few days old and was used for his first passport.  He has changed a lot since then. My baby boy is growing up fast.

riding the train at the mall in Guatemala City

We surprised them with a visit to the go cart track.  It is located in the mall parking garage.  You can imagine their excitement!

The four of us ready to race! 

me and my sweet little Ben 

On Sunday morning we visited Union Church in Guatemala City.  It is always a treat to get to attend their English speaking worship service.  We only get to go a few times a year but sure enjoy it when we do.

My boys at Union Church in Guatemala City.  The azaleas were so pretty!

We enjoyed lunch at KFC before returning to our mission house for long afternoon naps.  That evening I got to watch the Miss Universe pageant.   I have loved watching pageants since I was a little girl.  I have fond memories of spending the night with my grandmother when a pageant would be on and us watching it together.

For those of you familiar with our mission house in Guatemala City I have included this next picture for you.  The tile flooring in the living room, kitchen, and meeting area was recently updated.  The sofas have all been recovered as well.  It looks really nice!  The mission office has also been moved to there.

the Arkansas Mission House in Guatemala City 

We had an early appointment at the U.S. Embassy on Monday morning to apply for Ben's new passport.  It actually went a lot smoother than expected.  No one likes visiting the Embassy here.  It can be a headache!

We drove back home after leaving the Embassy.  Here are the boys resting along the way.  These two had had a busy week and I think it finally caught up with them.  We are glad to be back home and look forward to getting back into our normal routine and schedule. 

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