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Homeschool Weeks 18- 19: Here Comes the Sun

This post will cover weeks 18 and 19.  Week 18 was a full week of school before our Christmas break and week 19 was some review days after we started back.  We did school up until the 23rd of December and then took a week and a half off.  We had a great break but were glad to get back into our school routine.

A few days before starting back I did some rearranging in the school room.  I also put out some "new to us" puzzles that were hand-me-downs, new paints, craft supplies, crayons, and markers.  When the boys realized it they were begging me to start back to school.  It's amazing what a few new things will do to peak their interest and get them excited.  Just like the countdown that we did to get out for break we did a countdown to start back.  We were all ready and excited when the day came.

In Bible we finished up our readings in the Jesus Storybook Bible with the birth of Jesus story and then returned to our Abeka Bible lessons and covered the Flight into Egypt. 

In Math, Cruz's lesson covered Addition of the Extras (3+5, 4+7, and 5+7).  We have now covered all of the addition math facts and will begin learning the subtraction ones in this second semester.

Cruz doing a math worksheet

We also reviewed recognizing the words for the numbers and shapes.  Here he is having to read and then draw.

Ben's math lessons had him counting to 40 and recognizing numbers 1-12.

I would show him a number flashcard and he would have to count out that many beans. 

Here I would call out a number and he would have to write it on the board.  When done I would call out numbers again and he would have to erase them.  I have no idea why he insisted on putting a long stick on numbers 1, 9, and 4.  

Ben putting our flashcards in order.  He loves doing things like this!

 Cutting out some number cards.  On the back side there were objects for counting.

In Language Cruz continued focusing on letter cluster sounds.  Each day we would sing a letter cluster phonics song, play letter cluster bingo, a matching game, and a letter cluster "Go Fish" style card game.  He also had a few storybooks to read.  His grammar lessons covered Telling and Asking sentences, A-B-C order, rhyming words, and Subject review.  We also spent some time covering long vowels.

 matching up rhyming words 

Ben learned about Letter I.  He also learned the verse John 14:14.  He had a few more lessons on story sequence.  His topics were changing a flat tire, writing and mailing a letter, and birds building a nest/ hatching eggs.  He learned the poem 1-2 Buckle My Shoe and loved it.  He made a cute hanging poster to go with it.

 Ben with his new poster.  He proudly put it on our refrigerator.

He practices his sight words most every day.  

David reviewing Ben on his sight words.

 Playing Alphabet Bingo

 Both of my boys love playing games

In History we learned about Molly Pitcher and also the Victory at Yorktown. 

Our activity was making a war drum.  You can imagine how much my boys enjoyed that!  They also made a white flag.
putting stickers on his drum

 making a war drum

 all complete
They then marched all over the house taking turns carrying the drum and the flag.  It was loud and they loved it!

We learned about the State of Michigan.
His map showing all of the States he has learned about so far.   

Our Science topic was the Sun. Our main idea was that the energy from the Sun heats our Earth.  Our activity was called "Solar Warmer".  We made an oven using a muffin tin and cups.  We placed three foil cups in the tin and three paper cups.  Inside each we placed a marshmallow and a piece of chocolate.  We sat it out in the sun and watched it "cook".  They noticed that the foil cups cooked faster than the paper cups.  Afterwards they got to eat their experiment (the best part).   

they love Science!

our yummy experiment

In addition to this we also talked about infrared and ultraviolet light.  They learned that UV rays are the ones that burn our skin and the reason we have to wear sunscreen when outdoors.  We made a sun craft using tissue paper.  While making their sun craft I read a book to them about life in the desert. The book talked about what a desert is, people of the desert, and plants and animals in the desert.  It also discussed the Kalahari and Sahara Deserts.  That led to us looking up YouTube videos on both of these deserts.  We ended up spending about two hours watching videos on desert life including many on African tribes and customs.  The boys were very fascinated and learned a lot.  Their favorite parts were how they make homemade weapons like a bow and arrows and how they hunt for food.  We also located Africa and both deserts on our World Map that I recently hung.  Who knew a Science lesson on the sun could turn into a lesson on Africa and its culture.  I love homeschool!!!

my boys learning about life in the Kalahari Desert

In addition to our monthly name writing sample we also did our middle of the school year handwriting and art sample.

Ben's handwriting sample
They do their names each month and the alphabet in August, January, and May.  

Cruz's handwriting sample

They also do a drawing in August, January, and May for their portfolio.  They can draw whatever they want.  This time Cruz chose Bob the Tomato and Ben drew a snowman.

Lastly, here is our schoolroom door all decorated for the new month.  I found a website that had some really cute snowflake patterns and had a fun time making these.  When I get too hot I can just look over at those snowflakes and feel a little bit cooler.  
Welcome January (and 2017)!
The boys colored the numbers and Happy New Year sheets.  We'll fill the bottom half with winter color sheets as we go throughout the month.

We are off to a great start for the new semester.  I cannot believe that half of the school year has come and gone.  It will be summer break before we know it!

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