Monday, January 30, 2017

Homeschool Week 21

I am a little behind on my blogging so this week I'll be doing two school posts to get me caught up.  The first one is from week 21.

Our Bible lessons covered the stories of The First Disciples and Calling the Fishermen and Matthew.  Our Doctrinal drill was on Heaven.  We began learning a new song "Jesus Gave Her Water".  Cruz is continuing to memorize Proberbs 3:5-6 and Romans 10:9.  I am thankful for the opportunity that I have to pour into my children the Word of God! It is not something that I take lightly.

In language Ben focused on the letter K. Each week we do a different letter.  He is learning to recognize upper and lower case, the sound, and how to write it. He also has a weekly memory verse that goes with each letter. This week's verse said "Keep thy tongue from evil".

Writing the letter K

He made a kitten puppet for letter K

He also began learning how to tie his shoe. We will be working on that for a while. 

Cruz's language lessons focused on silent "e". He had several short stories to read for practice. His grammar lessons were on compound words and reviewing telling and asking sentences.  

Practicing silent e

Ben's math lessons covered numbers 1-14 and counting to 50.

Working a math sheet

Cruz's math lesson was an introduction to subtraction.

Using his blocks to do subtraction

In history we learned about Abigail Adams.

I was very impressed with his drawing of the White House. 

We learned all about the State of Texas. 

Our science lessons were about seasons. In addition to our workbook we read several storybooks and watched several YouTube videos on the topic.

They had to each draw one of their  favorite things for each season . This is Cruz's  page.

This is Ben's season sheet 

We learned  about how it can be one season in part of the world and another season in the other. We learned about daylight and darkness. We also learned about the earth's rotation. Cruz drew this picture after that lesson. 

We used a flashlight and a globe to see how the sun shines on the earth to give us light. We also saw that when part of the world has light another part is dark. They really enjoyed this experiment. 

In art we drew a baby puppy. 

Ben's puppy drawing

Cruz's puppy drawing

Right now I have Cruz doing journal entries on Tuesday and Thursday. He loves doing these!
The question was " what would I see in Antarctica?" He came up with this topic on his own. He wrote" I saw a penguin. I saw a polar bear. We had a fun time in Antarctica." We have a long way to go with his spelling. Ha 

This days topic was "My favorite food is..." He wrote "my favorite food is pancakes. The flavor taste like sugar. They are squishy. They are very round."

We began reading this book in our read aloud time. 

I will end the post with what we end our nighttime reading with. After reading and before we pray I go through this list of questions with the boys. I find that it is a great way to recap the day and focus on good before going to sleep.  If they have had a bad day it helps to clear it up before a new day starts.  It is just a sweet time with my boys listening to them share their hearts.  These are precious years! 

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