Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Homeschool Week 17: Headed In The Right Direction

We are continuing our daily reading through the Jesus Storybook Bible this month leading up to the birth of Jesus.  We also enjoy starting our school mornings with several Christmas songs.  The boys are learning a lot in our Bible class and that makes me happy.

In Math Ben is continuing to learn to count his numbers.  We are only focusing on 1-30 right now although most days he likes to go all the way to 100.  We also practice counting by 10's.  This week I introduced the number 12.  He had a lot of practice learning to recognize it and write it.

counting his numbers using an Abeka number chart 

Cruz's math lesson was on making the number nine.  Each day for practice he would build a wall using his blocks.  Each row had to have two blocks that make the number nine.  He likes to build so that was fun for him.

Building a wall with his number blocks using the #9 math facts- 0+9=9, 1+8=9, 2+7=9, 3+6=9......

Ben's language lessons focused on story sequence.  Each day he got a new set of pictures to color, cut out, and glue on a poster in the order that they took place.  A few of his topics was brushing your teeth, planting a seed, and washing your hands.

 coloring a language worksheet

His letter of the week was H.  He learned to write it and say it's sound.  He also learned a Bible verse for that letter Exodus 20:12- Honor thy father and thy mother.  On Fridays I review all of the letters he has already learned, their sounds, and his memory verses.  This week I made a video of him trying to say each of them.  I had to help him a good bit especially with the references but I still think he did well.

Ben saying the verses he has learned so far in school.  

In Language Cruz is continuing a study on letter clusters.  We begin our lessons singing a letter cluster phonics song.  He has four charts that go along with the song.  We play several learning games.  He has worksheets to complete.  He also read two storybooks.

matching worksheet

fill in the blank worksheets 

He loves music and games so this phonics program (Sing Spell Read and Write) has been a great fit for him.  We play at least one phonics learning game a day sometimes more depending on the time.

One of his favorites is Bingo.  We have an alphabet Bingo game and this letter cluster Bingo game.

letter cluster bingo

We have letter cluster cards that we use to play "go fish".  We also use these to play Memory.

This week I introduced the Duck Pond game.  He gets to choose a duck and has to tell me the sound written on it.  If he gets it correct he puts the duck in a bag.  If he misses it the duck goes back in the pond for another try.  

Playing the Duck Pond game.  I love all of these games and think they are great for learning and review.

In History we learned more about General George Washington and the winter at Valley Forge.  

Our activity for the week was making berry dye.  We learned about Colonial people making most of their own clothes and using dyes made from objects found in nature.  We enjoyed watching several YouTube videos on dying fabric.  Cruz especially loved this week's activity.  We took a new pair of socks and dyed them using blueberries.  Here is a look at what we did-

First he had to measure out the right amount of water into our pot.

He then had to measure out salt to add to the water.

new white socks ready to dye

we boiled the socks in the salt water and let them simmer for a bit

They loved mashing the blueberries!  We then added water to them and simmered them on the stove for a bit. When ready we drained the juice to soak our socks in. 

Stirring the socks in the blueberry dye. He was so proud of his socks when they were done.

We learned about two States this week Missouri and Arkansas.

 working outside one day because the weather was really pleasant

In Science he learned all about the compass.  He loved this topic!  

He got to use the compass on my cellphone as his guide.  He is now obsessed and wants me to let him play with it everyday.

His first activity was called "Head North, Child, North".  He was learning how the compass works and using it to find which direction was north.  

We went on a walk around the block and he had to keep up with which direction we were headed.  

 I played a Simon Says type game with him and would give him a command like "walk ten steps north and then five steps west".  He really loved this week's topic!

 His last activity had him draw a map of his room using the compass.  

In Health they learned about taking care of their clothes.  We covered some good habits for clothing care.  We also focused on what types of clothing you would wear in different seasons.  We learned about cold weather clothes, hot weather clothes, and rainy day clothes. 

His activity had him cutting out magazine photos for each of those groups and making a poster about it.

drawing the seasons on his poster

his Health activity for the week 

In Art we did a few Christmas crafts.

they enjoyed coloring these and making some ornaments too

Ben's ornaments

He also made a few bells.  He hung all six ornaments together on the same limb of his tree.  He likes putting ornaments in clusters like that.  It drives me crazy. ha

Cruz's ornaments
We have three trees in our house and he hung one ornament on each tree.  That shows you the difference in their personalities.  

We are now on our final week of school before our Christmas break.  I plan to go all the way through Friday and then take off until January 4.  It is going to be hard to stay focused this week but I think we can do it.  Only three more days until I close the books and rest.  Ahh, I feel refreshed just thinking about it.

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