Thursday, November 17, 2016

This Little Light Of Mine

Here is a little peek at what our ministry has looked like over the past week.  

We arrived at our Bible study in Muyurco last Thursday afternoon to find them finished with the thatched roof over our new meeting place.  It might not look like much to the average person but it represents a lot of pride and accomplishment to the ones who have worked so hard on it.  It is a reminder to me that a church is not just a nice building but an assembly of people.  It's not about where you meet but more about the hearts of the ones with whom you are meeting.  We are thankful for the sweet group of believers that we get to worship with each week in this village. 

our meeting place in Muyruco

In addition to finishing the roof they also made some homemade benches for us to sit on.  These will replace the plastic stools that we normally use.

my boys ready for Bible study in Muyurco last Thursday afternoon

During the praise time Cruz led three songs.  It just makes this mother's heart swell to see him sing in church.  Ben wanted to go stand beside him this time.  Maybe one day he will want to sing too.  He is a little more shy so just going up and standing there was a big step for him.

For the past several weeks now David has been verse by verse teaching through the book of Acts.  We are currently on chapter 16.  Pray for him as he studies and teaches each week.

When it is time to leave all of the children usually race back on the trail to our car.  They run fast and then have a few minutes to play while they wait on us to walk out.  Cruz had them all sitting down playing a game last week.  It was a precious sight!

Cruz playing a game with some of the Bible study kids (and Ben sliding down the dirt hill getting his pants filthy! ha)

game time in Muyurco

As we were driving home I snapped this photo of a group of women walking home after going out to collect water for the evening.  Oh how it made me thankful for running water in my home.  We are so blessed and take so much for granted!

We spent Saturday morning up in the mountains making some prayer visits.  At one of the stops we were able to pray with a young mother who had recently separated from her husband.   He is a pastor in another area and due to their problems she had moved back home with her parents.  She was pretty upset but felt very encouraged by our words and prayers.  We hope to make a follow-up visit with her again soon.  Would you join us in praying for their marriage and ministry?  It is always sad to see a family torn apart but especially one in such a public role.

David and the boys hiking on Saturday morning

Another visit we made that morning was with our Bible study family in Lagunetas.  If you have been with us to that village you will notice quite a change in the next few photos.  They have enclosed the soccer field area with a nice fence.  We can no longer drive up to the house but instead have to park outside and walk across the field.  They did a great job on it and I am sure the village is very proud of it. 


the new fence around the soccer field in Lagunetas

They even added a nice set of bleachers.  You can tell that soccer is a big deal up there.

walking back to our car after visiting
(Well, we walked.  Cruz ran.)

At one point Ben stopped and said "hey mama, take my picture.  I'll say 'chicken nugget'".

On Sunday morning David and Miguel traveled to Nearar for our weekly Bible study time.  Normally Miguel is busy taking some seminary classes on the weekends but they are currently out on break until January so that is freeing him up to travel with us more.  We always enjoy having him with us.  The boys just adore him!

On Sunday evening we all traveled to the village of El Palmar near Zacapa to be a part of the weekly service with Bro. Jose' Maria's group.  They meet at 5:00 every Sunday evening.  They are currently renting a porch on an unused property to meet each week.  When the weather is nice they put plastic chairs out under the trees.  That is what we did this past week.  It was a nice, breezy evening. During the service we had amazing views of the super moon that was out.  I didn't get a photo of it but oh my was it gorgeous!

The current meeting place in El Palmar. The group is in the process of building a church right down the road. 

Miguel had walked down the road to see the progress on the church building and the boys walked with him.  They then raced back up the hill to where we were.  This picture makes me smile.

David, Bro. Jose' Maria, and Miguel

We had a great time with them.  They are one of the friendliest groups we have been around in a while.  The service ended with a meal and fellowship time out under the stars.  We plan to return again next month for another time of worship there.  Pray God's blessings over this little congregation and the pastor as he leads them.

David has spent some time this week in Guatemala City attending the Guatemala Baptist Convention.  It is their 70th year!  He enjoyed seeing a lot of familiar Kekchi faces while there.  He returned home last night so he could be ready for Bible study this afternoon in Muyurco.  Would you pray for our Bible study today in Muyurco?  Pray also for our Bible study Sunday in Nearar.  Sunday evening we plan to worship again with Bro. Fito's church in Chiquimula.  Oh how we love these opportunities to teach and encourage the body of Christ.  Pray that we would represent Him well everywhere we go.

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