Thursday, November 10, 2016

Out and About

We had a busy weekend but a very productive one.  I'll back up to our Thursday afternoon Bible study.  We go every Thursday to the village of Muyurco and have a service.  We have a strong group there and we enjoy our weekly time of worship with them.  They have recently surprised us by beginning a building project to make a new meeting place for our group.  They tore down a wall and are adding an open air area on the side of the house where we meet.  What we love about this is the fact that they did it all on their own without any consulting or help from us.  We are proud of them for taking the initiative and the work they have done so far.  They still lack a little but will get it done in time.

our new meeting area in Muyurco

Cruz clowning around after Bible study on Thursday afternoon

On Friday afternoon we were able to visit a young pastor near Zacapa and encourage him in his work.  He is not from that area but feels like God led him there to share the gospel.  He began as a street preacher until he was able to form a Bible study group and begin meeting.  He has a small group and they meet every week.  They are currently renting a property and either sit out on an open porch or meet under a shade tree (depending on the weather).  They recently began a building project to construct a meeting place.  The pastor is very excited about it.   We had a great visit with him and we have plans to return and worship with them soon.  We would love to be a source of encouragement to that pastor and his congregation.

a soon to be new Baptist church near Zacapa

David visiting with pastor Bro. Jose' Maria.  Would you lift this pastor up in prayer?

On Saturday night we were up in the mountains to attend the five year anniversary of the church in Nearar.  It was an exciting time of giving thanks to God for what He is doing there and looking to the future in anticipation of what is to come.  The service took place on the piece of land that the group purchased to put the church on.  It is a great location!  The group took on every aspect of planning the service and making it happen.  We were proud of them and they were very proud of themselves.  We began shortly after 5:00 and by dark we had a crowd of around 200 gathered around listening.  It was amazing and encouraging all at the same time.  We expect good things to come from the service and are looking forward to the day when we begin meeting on this land permanently.  Here are some photos taken shortly after we arrived. 

praise time

Our local leader there, Rafa, directed the service.  Here he is with his wife Maria Luz leading in song.

Sunday morning we were able to watch the live stream of First Baptist Church Jackson, MS.  Our friends, the Browns, attend there and they were having a special missions service.  They began the service by marching in flags from each country as a reminder to pray for the lostness in the world.  Their daughter marched in the flag of Guatemala in our honor.   It was special to see her carrying the Guatemala flag.  I am thankful for technology in the way that it allows us to be able to watch services such as this and feel a part of something back home.

Sara Madalin with the Guatemala flag

On Sunday night we attended a service at a Baptist church here in Chiquimula.  We have had contact with the pastor there, Bro. Fito, and worked with him in the past but this was our first time to attend a service at his church.  We really enjoyed it and are looking forward to returning again on a more regular basis.  

One of the things we were reminded of on our recent trip to Coban was the importance of encouraging fellow pastors and workers.  We spent much time while working among the Kekchi just praying with them and encouraging them in their work.  It was important there and is something we have missed since moving here. One of our goals for 2017 will be to encourage the local congregations here in Chiquimula and the pastors who are leading them. 

David giving greetings at Shalom Baptist Church in Chiquimula on Sunday night

During the praise and worship time they asked if anyone would like to sing or share.  Cruz leaped out of his chair and sang his favorite song- Alabare'.  It blessed our hearts greatly!

Cruz singing at church on Sunday night.  He is already practicing another song to sing on our next visit there.  I love his desire to sing and praise.

After the service we stopped by a local coffee shop for crepes, coffee, and fruit drinks.  It was a fun way to end a few busy days of ministry.

Cruz ready to enjoy his naranjada (frozen orange juice drink) at Cafe Cappuccino's in Chiquimula

We continually ask for your prayers as we strive to lead people to Christ and make disciples for Him.

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