Thursday, November 3, 2016

Halloween 2016

Generally, the extent of us celebrating Halloween revolves around us eating and watching Charlie Brown.  I love making fun foods for the boys and Halloween is just another time to get to do that.  It is not a holiday that is celebrated here so there are no carnivals, trunk or treats, or fun things to go do.  If we do anything at all it is on our own and by ourselves. This year I threw in a few extra things and made it a fun day for the boys.

I like to make the morning of a holiday an exciting time.  The boys always go to bed with anticipation of finding something fun when they wake up on holiday mornings.  I most always put out balloons and streamers.  One of our last team members, Mrs. Anne, brought me several new things to decorate with and several things for the boys to receive.  Cruz had randomly asked me several days before Halloween if I would get him a Captain America costume.  I don't even know how he knows who Captain America is but nonetheless he wanted to dress up like that.  Much to my surprise I ended up finding him a Captain America costume at a local store (yes, I gasped when I saw it!) and got one for Ben too.  I had them hanging in the kitchen for them to find on Halloween morning.  That was a BIG surprise!

our dining room ready for Halloween morning

I set out a few things for the boys to find at their seats.  Mrs. Anne had brought stickers, light up bracelets, bath cloths, tattoos, and some gel window decorations.  She also brought some cute decorative plates that the boys used all month long. 

I had planned to wrap their door like a mummy but didn't have enough gauze so I made a last minute (10:30 p.m.!) decision to just do this instead.  When they saw it the next morning they loved it!  Surprising them with a decorated bedroom door is another thing I like to do for holidays.

They didn't even wait until after breakfast to put on their costumes.  They were off saving the world before I could even get the griddle hot to make their pancakes. ha

We eat decorative pancakes for most all holidays.  This year I made pumpkin shaped pumpkin pancakes.  I used bacon for the stems and added some whipped cream and candy corn for decoration.  My boys LOVE candy corn!  I found some cute candy corn napkins at a thrift store in town.

Cruz's breakfast plate.  I used a Sharpie and painted dots on a clear plastic cup to serve their milk in.   They loved it.

We had a normal school morning.  For their morning snack I served them these fun apple treats that I make every year.  I forgot to pick up a red apple so I just used a green one instead to make the lips.  They didn't mind at all.

our monster mouth morning snack

Every year a guy from our Bible study in Nearar gives us an ayote (the green thing Ben is holding).  It is from the squash/ pumpkin family.  I always bake and puree it just like I do my pumpkin and use it for making bread.  We always wait until after Halloween so we can take a few photos with it first.

For lunch we headed to the local mall food court and enjoyed eating at McDonald's. 

Afterwards we bought a few coins and let the boys play some games.  

they used some of their prize tickets to get these plastic teeth

One of my favorite holiday traditions is taking a family photo.  We did that later in the afternoon when it cooled off just a bit. 

our family on Halloween 2016

For supper we always eat hot dogs.  This year to go with it we had popcorn, pumpkin shaped jello jigglers, Reece's Pieces, and cupcakes.

We also always watch "It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown" outside using our projector. This was our 5th year in a row to do that.  Having outdoor movie nights is one of our most favorite things to do all year round.

Ben eating supper and watching the movie

What a great time we had!

Holidays are my favorite and I love making them fun for my little guys.

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