Wednesday, October 5, 2016

LifePark Church September 2016 Team

Last week we hosted a volunteer team from our partner church LifePark in Mt Pleasant, SC.  This was their third team to send down this year.  We love working alongside the two churches we partner with.  Many of the members come down multiple times and we get to form great relationships with them.  They encourage our family and help make an impact on our work.  It is a joy to host them and get to see God work in their lives while they are here.

our team on their first night here

They spent the week sharing their testimonies and Bible stories.  They were able to share the gospel with unbelievers and words of encouragement to those who are following Christ.  They were wise and sensitive to the Holy Spirit's leading.  There were many "God moments" over the week where the team member shared just what the person was needing to hear.  

The week began with visits to two churches in Chiquimula to pray for them and encourage the pastors.  The same was done for a new mission church in neighboring Zacapa. 

praying for Bro. Elias and his wife in Chiquimula

praying over Bro. Fito in Chiquimula

the team with Bro. Fito

 visiting a new mission church that is starting in Zacapa and praying for the pastor Bro. Jose Maria

The next three days were spent on the mountain making home visits.  The team spent time in the villages of Chanco, Lagunetas, Churischan, La Libertad, and Nearar.  Most of their days were spent sitting on porches pouring their lives into people.  It is a beautiful thing to see the body of Christ at work.  They also visited a Christian school in Jocotan to pray and encourage the director.  There was a lot of hiking and rough riding but the team did great.  Here are some photos from our village visits-

Cruz hanging out in a tree while the team visited.  If you can't find him while in the village just look up.  He is most always in the top of a tree somewhere. 

The last thing the teams do while here is help lead our Thursday afternoon Bible study.  Our group loves it when the teams come and share with them.  It is always a great way to end the week.

having supper one night in Chiquimula

The teams spend five nights here in Chiquimula next door to us.  It is so nice having a hotel close by!  They eat three evening meals at the hotel restaurant and two meals at our house.  I just love hosting them in our home!  Every night they come over for evening devotion time.  Most of those nights I have coffee and dessert.  One of the highlights of my week with them is the worship times we have at night.  We sing, share scripture, debrief the day, and just encourage each other.  It always blesses my heart. 

We also usually play a few nightly rounds of Phase 10 or some other game.  This is another highlight of my week.  This is me with Mr. Dave.  He is a fierce competitor and I love to gang up on him.  Just the thought of getting to lay down a skip card on him makes me laugh out loud. 

One last group photo (minus Mrs. Mary) before traveling back into Guatemala City.  It includes Pablo and Miguel who work with us in ministry. 

Most all of our trips into Guatemala City (whether we have a team or not) include a stop at Sarita's in El Rancho for ice cream. 

shopping at the souvenir market in Guatemala City

Ever since Cruz got his new Bible on our recent trip to the States he has been asking for a Bible bag like his daddy's.  David carries one to the villages each week with his Bible and notes inside.  He has done that since our Kekchi days where all the men carry shoulder bags.  Cruz was very excited to get one!  Ben got one too and he was just as tickled. 

enjoying our last supper together at TGI Friday's in Guatemala City

After our final debriefing/ worship time together how did we spent the rest of our last night together?  Playing one last game of Phase 10.  We stayed up past midnight battling it out.  I came in second which was okay.  I was just glad Mr. Dave didn't win.  ha

I can't say enough what a blessing this team was.  They not only blessed our work and people but they blessed our family too.  I felt very encouraged as a missionary, mother, wife, and homeschool teacher.  I look forward to the day that I get to visit with these brothers and sisters in Christ again. 

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