Monday, October 31, 2016

Homeschool Week 11: Learning Makes Us Happy

Here is a look at some of the fun I got to experience with my boys over the past week.  I would not want to miss a moment of this!

In Bible we began a study on the life of Joseph.  This week our stories were on Joseph's dream and Joseph being sold by his brothers.  Our doctrinal drill was on Assurance.  Cruz is continuing to memorize Psalm 34: 14-19.  They learned a new song "Every Day With Jesus" and I often hear them singing it as they are playing.  As part of our study of Joseph we made a coat of many colors like the one his father gave to him.  They love painting so this was a lot of fun for them.

painting their coats 
(brown paper bags)

the boys with their Coat of Many Colors

Both boys were reviewing in Math.  Ben is practicing to count to 20 and recognizing and writing numbers 1-9.  
I was calling out numbers and he was writing them on our whiteboard. 

doing a math activity

more counting and sorting

Cruz had his first unit review from lessons 1-10.  We spent Monday - Thursday reviewing all that he  has learned thus far. On Friday he had his first unit test.

reviewing his addition facts using our Wrap-Ups game

taking his unit test
He now has a 96 average in Math as we begin the second unit.

In language Ben focused on letter B.  He also did activities that focused on behind and in front of, on and off, in and out, and open and close. 

writing letter B

his alphabet memory verse for the week was Acts 16:31

Cruz's language week focused on short vowel e.  He completed reading his second storybook- The Egg Book, and passed his weekly assessment test.  He had 50 vocabulary words that he had to read, spell, and write. He also had to make oral sentences with each word.  His grammar lessons had him reviewing plurals as well as learning about rhyming words and scrambled sentences. 


He had to draw his favorite character from his storybook.  He drew Sal the hen.

identifying rhyming words

unscrambling sentences from his storybook

I have said it before that Science is the boys favorite subject but one of my favorites is definitely History.  I enjoy each and every week.  This week we studied Colonial times.  Our lessons focused on the differences in the lives of the Colonial children who lived on the farms and the children that lived in the towns.  Regularly being around children from the villages and children here in town my boys could really understand the difference.  The farm kids had a much harder life.  We watched several YouTube videos on Colonial times and children.  It was a fun week of study.

a Colonial house

a child getting water from the well
we learned about two States- Kentucky and Tennessee

As part of our Colonial times study our activity for the week was to make homemade butter.  I'll admit that shaking that cream had our arms tingling and numb but it was a lot of fun and a great memory maker for the boys.
The boys shaking cream to make butter.  Look at those faces!  Do you think they were enjoying themselves?  Yes indeed!

Our instructions suggested playing some upbeat music to entertain us while we shook.  We were supposed to shake the jars for 30 minutes.  Here is a short video of the boys shaking and dancing around our school room.  I laughed a lot watching them.

"happy" about making butter

FINALLY it was ready.

resting after their hard work

They wanted to know what we were going to do with our butter.  I decided to try out another recipe that afternoon of some homemade bread.  A friend had sent the recipe to me a few weeks ago and I've been wanting to try it.  It  is called Bread in a Bag and it is designed for kids to do.  Cruz loved helping me make it.  If you have kids try this recipe with them.  It's fun and turned out delicious.
Cruz making homemade bread

Our homemade bread that went great with our homemade butter.  We have also eaten our butter on pancakes, biscuits, and muffins this week.  It did not go to waste.

Our Science lesson was on light.  We focused on reflections.  Our first activity was to throw a ball against a wall and see how it bounces off.

We then went outside with a mirror and did an activity called "The Reflection Direction".  Cruz loved doing this and has done it several more times this week. 

Cruz looking at the reflection from the inside of a chip bag.  We also used foil and a tablespoon.

the mirror was by far his favorite

light rays

We watched some YouTube videos on this subject too.  We also watched another episode of The Magic School Bus called "Magic School Bus Gets A Bright Idea".

In Health we began a study on taking care of our bodies.  This week we focused on taking care of our skin.  We learned the importance of washing our hands, keeping our nails cleaned and cut, first aid for our cuts and scrapes, using sunscreen, and taking a regular bath.  We are doing Abeka Health and I really like it.  I enjoy the fun lessons/ topics that we cover each week. 

doing an activity in his Health workbook

In Art they drew a baby donkey.

I'll end with Cruz's music lesson.  He is taking lessons at a music school in Chiquimula.  The school offers classes in piano, voice, art, guitar, and drums.  So far he likes it and I hope he will stick with it.  I think he is doing great so far.  This past week he had his first test.  He had to play a song before a group of students, teachers, and parents.  He was nervous but did well.  He has his first recital coming up in December.  I am excited about that.

Cruz ready for his first piano test

Happy Monday everyone!  Thanks for following along and praying me through this journey.

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