Thursday, October 6, 2016

Celebrating Kid's Day 2016

October 1 is Kid's Day in Guatemala.  It is a big holiday here similar to Mother's Day and Father's Day.  The kids all love it because it is a day set aside just for them.  The schools often celebrate with parties including cake, pinatas, and candy.  Gifts are usually given as well.  Everywhere you go there is something offered for the kids.  It's like a big birthday party for everyone.

This year we were in Guatemala City on Kid's Day.  Our team flew home that day so we stayed and celebrated there.  We have never been in Guatemala City on Kid's Day and I hope to not ever be again.  It was crazy busy everywhere you went!  I think everybody in town was out and about that day.  It was fun, but stressful.

We began with a visit to the mall to get the boys a much needed haircut.  Afterwards we visited the go-kart track that is in the parking garage of the mall.  The boys have seen it many times and asked to go but we have never taken them.  I thought Kid's Day would be a good time to finally try it out.  We all loved it and will most definitely be going back again. 

That was a lot of fun!

We went out to eat for supper, bought some supplies, and then called it a night.  The next day before traveling back home we got out again for a little more fun.

breakfast at Burger King and some time on the playland

We then visited the park at Las Americas.  It is a favorite stop of ours while in Guatemala City.  Here are the boys eating ring pops.  You'll notice Ben's purple teeth in the next few photos. 

what kid doesn't love an outdoor playground?

my boys love to ride the roller coaster
(I do too!)

we all had a blast on the bumper cars

I recorded Cruz while he was driving me.

jumping on the trampoline at the park

We had lunch at Pizza Hut before driving back home.  Along the way we stopped for ice cream at Sarita's.
my silly boys enjoying some ice cream

This Sarita's location has added a trampoline out back so after eating the boys spent some time jumping and stretching their legs. 

I didn't get any pictures but I joined them too.  They just cracked up at me getting on the trampoline with them.  I had fun but could definitely feel it the next day.

After returning home and unpacking we made our traditional Kid's Day cake to enjoy after supper.  I have been making this cake for the boys for several years now.  It is a fun tradition.  

Happy Kid's Day

I also hung our banner and took their picture.  It is another tradition of mine. 

We didn't make our crown hats this year but we still took our picture.  My little guys are growing up fast.

I make sure my boys feel loved and celebrated all throughout the year but it's still fun to set aside some time just to let them know how special they are.  I'll never stop thanking God for blessing me with these two precious ones.  What a great joy it is to be their mother!

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