Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Praising In The Storm

Last Thursday afternoon we traveled up the mountain to do our weekly Bible study in the village of Muyurco.  Miguel, our ministry partner, went with us.  

Miguel, Ben, and Cruz hiking in Muyurco

It was hot and sunny in Chiquimula when we left and was still sunny for most of the drive up the mountain.  The closer we got to the village the darker the clouds became.  We parked our vehicle and hiked to the house where we meet and no sooner than we arrived it started to rain.  By rain I mean it came a huge storm.  In Mississippi where we are from we would say "the bottom fell out".  It rained hard!  There is no electricity at the house where we meet so it got dark quickly.  In addition to not being able to see we also could not hear anyone say anything because of the rain pounding on the tin roof above. Water was dripping everywhere.  The family was running around with buckets trying to catch as much of it as possible.  The winds were blowing the rain in through the stick walls that make up the house.  The dirt floors were quickly becoming mud and things just got messy.  As I sat there cold and wet I began to pray and thank the Lord for the dry home that I live in.  I also thanked him for running water in my home and that I do not have to catch rain water to do my daily chores.  Sometimes I forget how good I have it and being out in the villages allows God to remind me of that on a regular basis.  So, in spite of all of that, we began the service anyway.  We still had people read scripture, pray, and sing even though we could barely hear them. 

Miguel using his cell phone flashlight to shine on the hymn book during our song time.

Every now and then Cruz will ask to sing.  This particular week he wanted to.  What a blessing it is to see my child leading a praise song during our Bible study.  He sang "Alabar√©" which is his favorite Spanish song.

The highlight of the afternoon was that just about the time David was getting ready to stand up and teach the rain stopped.  Everything got still and quiet.  Cruz turned to me and said "mama, God made that rain stop because He knew the people here needed to hear what daddy has to say." It was probably one of the most precious things I have ever heard him say.  I am thankful that he saw God at work around him and that I got to see God at work in him.

The heavy rains had quickly caused the creek to rise.  We didn't think about it until we were hiking out.  It took a little while to navigate how to get across.

Down by the creek bank. The boys thought the water looked like chocolate milk. 

some of the teenage girls wading through the water

Miguel was a big help and tried to assist David by passing the boys over the creek.  This was our first attempt with Ben.  It was too wide. 

trying to get Ben across the creek

passing Cruz over the creek

flooding in Muyurco

I snapped this photo of the clouds on the mountain as we drove through the village of Nearar on our way back down.

In spite of the rain we still had a good Bible study time there.  God's name was praised and proclaimed even through the storm.  My boys thought it was the most fun they had ever had there.  As we were returning to the car Cruz told me "this was awesome!  I wish we could do this every week!".   I just buckled my seatbelt, slumped down in my seat, and sighed. 

“Be still, and know that I am God. I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth!” Psalm 46:10

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