Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Labor Day and Beyond

It has been a little over a week now since Labor Day but that is where I stopped on my last "life lately" post.  I'll pick back up there today and give a little overview of our lives since then.

Labor Day was a normal school day for us.  In addition to our regular lessons we spent some time talking about different professions and praying for the people who do those jobs.  I always dress the boys up that day for pictures.  This year they chose to be construction workers.  We took this picture before school started that morning-

my little hard working guys  

That evening we cooked hot dogs and watched the Ole Miss/ Florida State game.  Before it started we took our annual holiday family photo-

our family Labor Day 2016

David spent several days last week out making visits.  On one of those visits in the village of Chanco he found a group of ladies at home making tamales for an upcoming village celebration.  They invited him in to visit with them while they cooked.  They didn't have any ready before he left so they sent some home with instructions for me on how to boil them.  That night I cooked them for supper.

I don't think I have ever boiled tamales before.

Guatemalan tamales- one of our favorite local foods

On Thursday of last week we traveled to Muyurco for Bible study.  It didn't rain this week but was cloudy and breezy.  One of the things we enjoy about being in the mountain villages is that it gives us a break from the constant heat we have down below where we live.  It is always cooler up the mountain.

the boys eating a snack on the trail to Bible study

Cruz in the creek on the hike back out.  This is the same creek that flooded the week before.

I have begun an every other Friday afternoon routine of leaving after lunch and getting out to spend some time refreshing.  I started on the first week of school and so far have had three afternoons to myself.  It always involves a frozen coffee drink and some quiet time.   It gives me something to look forward to especially on tough school days.  I don't stay gone too long but it is just enough time to recharge and refresh.  Teaching takes a lot out of me so I am trying to start the school year off by taking care of myself so that I can better take care of my family. 

This past Friday my outing included a pedicure.  Who doesn't love some pampering?

When I returned home Ben and I made a batch of Rice Krispy treats and then we all loaded in the car to go make an afternoon visit.  We drove to the village of La Libertad to see a family there.  We were able to take them some planting supplies they were needing.  David had wanted to make that visit earlier in the day but I asked him to wait until the afternoon so we could take the boys.  Our family devotion that week was on sharing and I thought it would be good for the boys to help with the food and be there to pray for the family.

visiting on Friday afternoon

On the way home we picked up a pizza for our supper.  I popped some popcorn to go with it and we had an outdoor movie night in our backyard.  It is a favorite family activity of ours.  We had our Rice Krispy treats for dessert.

Friday night movie night

we watched Angry Birds

On Saturday morning we had Bible study in the village of Lagunetas. 

Ben with his "fire hair" on Saturday morning ready to go to the village

we see some beautiful views on the way to Lagunetas

headed up the mountain to Bible study

cool Ben

There were several butterflies at the house where we meet.  I took this photo of one that landed on a flower.  Isn't it pretty!

More scenery from the drive back down the mountain-

our family after Bible study on Saturday morning

We had planned to watch both the Mississippi State and Ole Miss football games on Saturday afternoon but our internet service was out.  Ugh!  Instead we ended up having another movie night but indoors.  We all four piled on the couch and watched Jungle Book.  The boys loved it!

David had a busy day on Sunday.  He left that morning headed to Nearar for Bible study.  He returned home just in time to eat lunch before heading out again with Miguel to a village for an afternoon service.  Miguel's school has been doing a project in that village and we had been able to assist them with some of the needs they had.

hiking on Sunday afternoon

I love this picture of Miguel singing with the children in the village

one of the leaders presenting David with a certificate of  appreciation for his help in the project

My boys love Miguel so they were very excited to see him when they got back that night.  Here they are in his truck after running out to greet him.  It was around 7:30 that night before they got back.  David was tired. 

And lastly I'll leave you with this photo of a pretty rainbow I saw recently in Chiquimula.  I had been grocery shopping with Cruz and when we were leaving the store we noticed it. What a beautiful sight it was!  The Lord knew I needed something to make me smile after enduring time with Cruz in the store.  It almost made me forget just how stressed he can make me.  Almost.  Is it next Friday yet?

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