Monday, September 12, 2016

Homeschool Week 5: We Got A Little Chilly

Our Bible lessons for the week covered the stories of Noah's Ark and The Tower of Babel.  Our doctrinal drill was on Heaven.  We began learning the song "Oh How I Love Jesus".  Cruz had to recite his memory work and I made a video of it.  Here he is saying John 3: 14-19:

He repeated one of the verses but other than that I thought he did well.

He is still working his way through the alphabet in Language.  This week we covered the letters O- S.  He has four worksheets to do each day with each letter.  They review letter sound, letter recognition, and letter writing.  He began working on some new sight words and we played a few phonics games each day.   He reads a short story at the end of each daily lesson.  

Ben is still working on shapes.  This week we focused on squares.  We begin our daily lessons by singing a few songs.  We sing the ABC song, a song about colors, and a song about the shapes.  I used tape to outline the shapes on our floor and we march around the shape we are learning while singing the song.  It is silly but fun.

Ben using his Jolly Trolley mat to sing the alphabet song.

using flashcards to line up the alphabet

Here he is marching around the rectangle with his "pet" dog.  I don't normally allow them to bring toys into the schoolroom but this day he said his dog wanted to sit and listen.  When it was time to march he could not resist letting him join in on the fun.

Cruz's Math lessons were on Addition +1 and Commutative Property. 

This little trampoline has become a great addition to our school day.  A missionary family gave it to us recently.  When I notice Cruz reaching his limit in a lesson I will send him out to get something to drink and then jump on the trampoline. I usually give him a number and ask him to jump that many times.  He loves it and it is a great stress reliever and a fun way to clear his mind.  He usually comes back ready to try again.

Our Health lesson was on choosing good snacks.  We talked about healthy snack choices and not so healthy choices.  One of his assignments was to cut magazine pictures of good snack choices and glue them in his notebook.

It was Pocahontas week in History.  We finished up reading Pocahontas and the Strangers in our read aloud time.   We really enjoyed that book.  Our lessons for the week were also about her. 


We made vests and headdresses to dress up like the Indians.  They really enjoyed that! They also wore their beads that we made a few weeks ago.

We watched several You Tube videos about Indian dance and then they would act out what they saw.  It got pretty loud that day!

the back of Cruz's vest

me and my boys having a fun school day

We learned about the State of Massachusetts.  

Science is their favorite subject of all.  I am certain it is because of the fun activities we do each week.  They get really excited to learn what their new topic is.  This week was one of their favorites.  We learned about freezing (hence the title of this post). 

playing with ice cubes while I introduced the new topic of the week

We did several activities.  Our first one was test freezing some foods to see if they would freeze. We put a small amount of cooking oil, honey, ketchup, mustard, milk, and water in a muffin tin.  We covered it and put in the freezer until the next day.  We took a survey to see what they thought about each item.  Ben thought everything would freeze and Cruz said the mustard and milk would not freeze. 

squeezing items into the muffin tin

ready to freeze

We also made a batch of jello and froze it in our Popsicle molds.  They enjoyed eating their jello pops the next day.  It gave us a chance to talk about liquids and solids.  We also talked about melting as they ate them.

The next day they were very eager to inspect their foods.  The only things that froze solid were the water and milk.  The oil did not freeze at all.  They loved eating the cold honey.

One day I surprised them at snack time with frozen foods.  I had put things in the freezer the night before to test and see how they froze.  They got to snack on candy corn, raisins, gummies, gummy worms, Ritz crackers, Pringles, marshmallows, chocolate chips cookies, and Cheese Nips.  It didn't go well with our Health lesson for the week but they sure enjoyed it.

They were surprised to learn that the foods tasted the same they were just cold.

Cruz wanted to know what would happen if you froze a rock.  It led to a good discussion which eventually led to us doing an experiment to find out.  This was not a part of my intended lesson but it was a good opportunity to explore an idea.  I sent them out on a nature hunt to find a few things they would like to test freeze.  They brought back some rocks, a piece of tile, grass pieces, leaves, and a flower.  I let them add a plastic scuba diver toy and a Hot Wheel truck also. 

We put everything in a big plastic tub and filled it with water.  We ended up tying the scuba diver, truck, and tile piece to a stick and suspending it into the water so it would freeze in the middle and not sink to the bottom.  Do you think my boys were having a good time?  Oh my goodness they loved it!

my and the boys with our science experiment

We put it in our deep freeze and waited until the next day to get it out.  All afternoon they asked me how I thought the scuba diver was doing.  They joked that he was chilly willy.  Ben said maybe he could climb into the truck and drive out of there, ha.

Here they are the next day when we got our tub out of the freezer.  Cruz was curious about why part of the ice was white and not clear so we googled it to find out why it was like that. I love Google!

our ice block

they were fascinated

They rubbed all over it with their hands and feet and just giggled the whole time. 

here they are looking at all the things they had put inside

they thought it was cool to see the air bubbles trapped inside

When they were done checking it out they decided to get their hammers and have some fun. 

This one is my favorite.  They hit every piece of that ice until it was melted and gone.  This activity was such a fun idea and it all stemmed from a simple question.

Our last activity of the week was called Painting With Ice.  We used food coloring to tint water.  We then poured the water into an ice cube tray and let it freeze overnight.

making ice crayons

the next day we popped them out and used them to draw on paper as they melted

painting with colored ice

Our art lesson for the week was drawing a baby penguin.

Cruz's penguin

Ben's penguin

Lastly, we have also been studying about Guatemala in preparation for the upcoming Independence Day celebration on Sept. 15.  We have made a few crafts and decorations for our school room door and watched some videos.  So far we have studied the flag, Tecun Uman (Guatemala's National Hero),  the Quetzal bird (national bird), the Monja Blanca (national flower), and the marimba.

we made this Quetzal bird craft

painting the flag

decorating a monja blanca

Our school room door decorated for Guatemala's Independence Day.  We lack learning about the Mayan ruins at Tikal that we will do next.  It is always fun to learn about and celebrate the country where we serve. We love Guatemala!  And we love school.  Learning is fun!

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