Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Homeschool Week 4: Shining Bright

Here is a look at what we did last week in school.
starting our school day by saying the Pledge of Allegiance

We begin our days with Bible class.  Our recent lessons have been on Creation, Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel, and Enoch.  Cruz is continuing to memorize John 3: 14-19.  Our doctrinal drills have covered God and Salvation.  We sing several songs and spend some time in prayer.  It is one of my favorite parts of homeschool. 
a booklet that Cruz made in Bible about the creation of the world

Cruz is continuing a review through the alphabet.  We are doing a letter a day until we complete it.   Last week we covered letters O-S.  We play a few phonics games each day.  He reads and we work on sight words. 

handwriting practice with the letter S

Ben is still studying shapes.  Last week he had circles and rectangles.  Here he is painting red apples on a tree.

Here he is painting rectangles although many look more like squares.  He loves to paint and it is a good way to keep him quiet and occupied while I work with Cruz.

Cruz began working on addition math facts last week.  His first lesson covered +0.  It was an easy one for him to memorize. 

doing a math worksheet

Sweet Ben learning to write the number 4.

Ben loves to count and sort.

He also loves working puzzles.

In Health we learned about the importance of eating a good breakfast.  I love cooking breakfast so that is a big meal in our home each day.

Their Health project had them cutting pictures out of magazines of healthy breakfast foods. 

We glued Styrofoam plates on construction paper to make placemats.   They then glued their pictures on their plates. 

Cruz's drawing in his Health notebook.
Our History lessons were about Amerigo Vespucci and the Lost Colony of Roanoke.  

They enjoyed learning about Amerigo's fascination with stars.

Their activity was a constellation project.  They used a white crayon to draw pictures on black paper.  They then took push pins to punch holes on the lines.  Later that night when it was dark we used flashlights and shined their pictures on the ceiling to show their "stars".    They really enjoyed doing this.  I think it was one of their favorite projects so far.  

punching holes around his drawings

this was a good hand activity for Ben

looking at his picture from the sunlight

Ben's "stars"

Cruz's picture shining on his bedroom wall.  They played with their pictures and flashlights for the longest time. 

The next morning I made this fun pancake breakfast for them.  It's Amerigo looking at the stars.  The boys loved it!
We learned about the States of Georgia and Connecticut.

Just ignore the silly face, ha.  He loves learning flags so I like that part of our lesson each week is to find the flag of the State that we are studying and put it in his workbook. 

In Science we learned about colors.  We made a color wheel and reviewed the primary and secondary colors.  We did a few activities that involved mixing colors. 

They are both very visual and love hands on projects.  Here they are making green by mixing yellow and blue colored water.

blue and red make purple

yellow and red make orange

You can imagine how much Cruz enjoyed getting to use hot wheel cars to roll colors on a racetrack.

art project for science

We learned the colors of the rainbow and made one.  I gave them some red, blue, and yellow paint and they had to mix the colors to make the other ones.  They love the Cat in the Hat rainbow song so we sang that several times too.

in Art we drew a tiger cub

and lastly Cruz started piano lessons last week.  He will go every Tuesday afternoon.  He came home very excited and eager to start practicing.

His teacher presented him with an excellent grade after his first lesson.  He gained ten points that he will accumulate to get prizes.  He likes a good incentive.

It was another busy week but as you can see it was a fun one.  I just love this time with my boys!

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