Monday, August 22, 2016

Week 2: Smooth Sailing

Our second week of school went really well.  I am figuring out more and more how to tag team the boys and keep them both busy and occupied.  We are learning our new routine and it is all starting to gel together nicely.  Here is a look at our second week of school-

This week our Bible lessons were on The Resurrection of Christ and How to Grow Spiritually.  We began learning a few new songs- He's Still Working on Me and Jesus Loves Even Me.  I love hearing my boys sing these songs!  Cruz is continuing to memorize John 3:14-19.   In our doctrinal drill time we talked a lot about sin.  Some of the things we discussed were: what is sin?, who sins?, does God like sin?, does God hate us when we sin?, and how can we have our sins forgiven?

In Math Cruz focused on counting and writing numbers 1-20.  Ben was also counting and learning to write the number two.  

Ben doing a math activity

In Language Cruz is still reviewing the alphabet.  This week we focused on letters F-J.   He began reading some BOB books.  He also started back with sight words.  We played several rounds of alphabet Go Fish and alphabet Bingo.  He loves to play games. 

putting the alphabet in order

handwriting practice

love that smirk!

Ben continued with colors.  This week he had purple, brown, black, pink, and grey.  His curriculum (Sing Spell Read and Write Preschool) has some cute songs that go along with what he is learning.  We really like the colors song and sing it each day before we begin our lesson. 

coloring things that are brown

doing an alphabet game

another matching alphabet game

He has daily name writing practice.  I printed another one of these sheets and laminated it to begin using next week with dry erase markers.  Have I mentioned just how much I love having a laminating machine?  Oh my I am just a little bit obsessed! 

my big boy Ben

In Health we began learning about good habits.  After reading through our lesson I gave Cruz some magazines and had him cut out pictures of things that show good habits to make a poster with.  Here he is with his poster-
His poster showed taking naps, brushing teeth, exercise, eating good food, making my bed, cleaning up my toys, practicing music, and what would that thing at the bottom be?  Some flowers?  Yes, he cut out flowers for his poster and said that "taking flowers to your mama" was a good habit.  I like that one most of all!

I had made this sign at the beginning of the school year as a morning checklist for the boys.  It went really well with this week's lesson.  Each morning when we begin school they tell me if they 1) got dressed 2)  brushed their hair  3)  brushed their teeth and 4)  made their bed.

Our Science lesson was on Solutions and Dilution.  We did two experiments this week.  Our first one was called Kool-Aid Chemistry.  We made really strong glasses of Kool-Aid.  We then kept adding water to dilute it and tasting it to see the difference.  The boys really enjoyed this.

Our second experiment was with paint.  They each chose a color of paint and painted a stripe across their paper.  We then kept mixing white paint to our original color to see the difference it made as we painted.  I love how pretty these turned out.  Cruz chose blue and Ben chose purple.

In History we learned about Christopher Columbus.

Cruz's handprint with an orange drawn on it. 

Cruz told me that he was glad that I did not name him Christopher Columbus because he would not want to have to write that name everyday. ha

To go along with our history theme I made us a fun lunch one day.  We made ships out of construction paper that held our sandwiches and chips. 

the Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria

fun times!

I also made these jello cups to go along with the theme.

The boys painted paper towel rolls to make a telescope.

looking for land like Christopher Columbus

This week we learned about Pennsylvania.  Our favorite facts were:  1)  Hershey chocolate is made there 2)  Crayola crayons are made there 3)  Little League Baseball was founded there, and 4)  more mushrooms are produced there than any other State. 

We began a weekly art lesson using a fun book I picked up while in the States over the summer.  It is a step by step follow the instructions art guide to drawing baby animals.  They enjoyed it and have already asked what animal we will be drawing next week. 

our art book

The first week we drew a bear cub.  We go step by step and they follow my instructions as I draw on our dry erase board. 

My bear cub- yikes!  I could definitely use some art practice myself. ha

Cruz's bear cub

I think Ben did pretty well for a four year old. 
(but his name off to the side... oh my)

I'll leave you with this photo of my two wildcats on Friday.  We were all ready for the weekend to arrive.  School is a lot of fun but so is having a few days off. 

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