Friday, August 12, 2016

The Church in Nearar

I wanted to give an update on the church in Nearar.  If you will remember our Bible study group there purchased a piece of land back in May to build a new building.  The building they are currently meeting in is quite a difficult hike down the mountain.  It is not in the best location to grow.  The group wanted to get on top of the mountain so they could be more accessible to the whole village.  The new piece of land is in a great location right off the main road that runs through the village.

Here is a look at the progress that has been made since the land was purchased.

A photo of the land back in May right after the group purchased it.

 A little clearing had begun when we took our June team there to pray.

We were quite surprised to see how much progress had been made when we got back from the States and took our July team there to pray.

Then yesterday we almost gasped when we stopped by on our way to Bible study to see what progress had been made.  A man had come earlier in the day with a backhoe and cleared the whole property.  The best part was the group telling us that when they tried to pay him he would not take their money.  Instead he just asked them to pray for him.  We will definitely be praying for this kindhearted man and ask that you would join us in praying for him too.  What a blessing he was to our group!

It is exciting to see how it is progressing.  Would you continue to pray for this building process?  Pray God's blessings over every single step.  We look forward to the day we will be worshiping there with our brothers and sisters in Christ.

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