Thursday, August 11, 2016

Olympic Fever

Anybody else enjoying the Olympics like we are?  It has been fun watching the competitions this year with the boys.  Some of our favorites so far have been the weight lifting, diving, swimming, and of course gymnastics.  Since watching some of the diving competitions Cruz has decided that he wants to learn to dive.  So far he is doing well.

I had built up the opening ceremonies to the boys and by the time we sat down to watch they were quite excited.  It has been fun seeing the flags from the different countries and learning what each one looks like.  We have also talked some about the way people in all of the countries look a little different.  My favorite part so far has been seeing all of the different countries represented and praying for each of them.  I have also prayed for the people that are sharing their faith at the Olympics this year.  Many of the countries I do not know much about, but I am certain there are people in each one who do not know the Lord.  Would you join me in praying for the lostness in the world during the games
?  What a great time for the Lord to open our eyes to it.

We had a little celebration in our home to kick off the games.  I started this tradition a few years ago.  Here is how we celebrated this year-

I have made this same cake for the past three Olympics now.  It is so fun and easy and a great visual for the games.  What I didn't realize this year is that every picture I took of it the cake was upside down.  I blame it on begin tired. ha

my boys with our Olympic themed cake

Here is a comparison of Cruz with our cake from the past few years.  What a fun tradition!

Our decorations were simple.  I just hung an American flag banner over our dining room window that I will leave up until the games end.  It is a reminder to us to be watching and cheering for the U.S. team.

In addition to the cake our supper meal consisted of chili dogs and cheese puffs.  That's American food, right?  We used our American flag plates and napkins. 

While watching the opening ceremony the boys did a few coloring sheets.  This was the first one. 

We have them hanging on our refrigerator along with a torch sheet that they also colored.  I plan to add a few more over the next week.

thumbs up for Team USA

and a big smile and thumbs up for the Guatemala team.  We are cheering for them also.  

It has been fun so far and we look forward to what lies ahead.  

Declare his glory among all nations, his marvelous deeds among all peoples.  Psalm 96:3

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