Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Ministry Update

We had missed several weeks of the Bible study in Tunuco Arriba due to our trip to the States.  We were very thankful that our ministry partner Miguel stepped up and agreed to drive Mrs. Diana each week to continue the study.  I think he really enjoyed getting to be a part of it.  This past Wednesday we all were there together to celebrate the end of the study for the school year.  The official end of the school year for Guatemala is not until October but due to the Lubeck's fall travel to the States we end our time there a little earlier.  Mrs. Diana put a lot of work into the closing program and did a wonderful job.  The kids, parents, and teachers all enjoyed it a lot.

The Lubecks use these puppets that are dressed in Chorti clothing in their ministry.  The kids love them!

Mrs. Diana presenting awards to some of the students

they presented each teacher with a Bible

Please continue to pray for the students in this village over the next few months.  Lord willing the Bible study will be back up and going for the 2017 school year that begins in January.

On Thursday afternoon we headed to our weekly Bible study.  This week we met in the village of Porto Suelo.   We were invited into a new home there to have a Bible study.  Some of the family in that home have been attending our study in the other areas and wanted to host us in their home.  There were several people we met for the first time.  David gave a great clear presentation of the gospel and we ask you to join us for new believers in that area.  We hope to get invited back again real soon.  

We turned off of the normal mountain road onto a lesser traveled trail to get there.  If you have been with us on this road to Nearar, Porto Suelo, and Muyurco then you can only imagine what a road off of that was like. 

my boys playing in Porto Suelo while David parked the car

This picture doesn't really show the steepness of this hill but it zigzagged straight up those rocks.  This was on the hike back to the car.  Most Thursdays we get a pretty good workout.

On Saturday morning we made a few home visits in the villages of Lagunetas and Churischan.  Our next study in Lagunetas will be on August 27.    Be praying for that day.  Pray also for Rigoberto and his family in Churischan to stay strong in their faith. Pray for his wife Luz Maria who has been battling bad headaches for some time now.  Pray for God's healing in this area of her life. 

Ben, Brooke, and Cruz hiking in Churischan on Saturday morning

Brooke is a student from the States that spent the week with us.  She is spending the summer with another missionary family but they could not host her last week so we took her in.  My boys really enjoyed having her around.  Pray for Brooke as she is seeking the Lord about her future plans. 

David led Bible study in Nearar on Sunday morning.  This week Miguel was able to go with him.  Continue to lift up that weekly study and for the construction project that the group is doing.  

This week we will be back in Muyurco on Thursday afternoon and in Nearar on Sunday morning.  Pray for these two times of study and that we would share the Bible with passion and power.  What a blessing it is to teach the Word of God and help make disciples of Christ.  Pray for us as we do both of those each week. 

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