Monday, August 8, 2016

David's Birthday 2016

Last Tuesday (Aug. 2) we celebrated David's birthday. We love birthdays around here.  We always try to make them extra special by doing fun things.

David on his birthday morning

We began the day with a blueberry pancake breakfast.  We also had bacon, grapes, and pineapple.  I have mentioned it before but we use the same candles for all of our birthdays.  I love that tradition!  We also eat on that plate for all of our special occasions. 

The boys singing "Happy Birthday" to their daddy on his birthday morning.

We also take a few family pictures each year. 

David and the boys on his birthday

our family

the boys love taking silly pictures

We spent the morning at home and ate lunch at home.  Instead of a cake David requested a lemon pie this year.  My guys love my lemon pie!

ready for birthday dessert

It has been a birthday tradition since Cruz was born to go somewhere to swim on David's birthday.   We began that tradition back in 2010 when Cruz was just 2 months old.  Every year since then we have spent the day somewhere in water.  It is a fun tradition that we all love.  This year was extra fun because we considered it our "last blast" for the summer before we started back to school.  That will be a combined reason to celebrate in the future.

Here are photos from each birthday since 2010-

 This year's birthday picture

We had a lot of fun swimming and going down the water slides!

We spent the whole afternoon in the pool.

Swimming makes you tired and hungry so we ended the day with supper at Pollo Campero before calling it a night.

It had been a really fun day and we had a great time celebrating together as a family.

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