Thursday, July 14, 2016

Wrapping Up Our Time At The Beach

Our last night at the beach was a fun one.  Right at sunset we took our leftover bread and went down to the ocean to feed the birds.  If you have never fed the birds at the beach you should try it.  It is a lot of fun!  We love to throw it up into the air and watch the birds catch it in their mouths.  It is just a fun memory for the kids to have.

David and the boys feeding the birds on a beautiful sunset evening at the beach

Ben, Cruz, and Larsen

The birds were not the only ones hungry. ha

walking the beach on our last night of vacation there

a cute sandcastle we saw as we were walking along the beach

That evening we took our nets and set out on a crab hunt.  We did not see any crabs but instead we saw several tiny fish in the ocean.  The boys instead "went fishing". 

 Ben would shine the flashlight on the fish and Cruz would grab them with his net.

One of the fish Cruz caught.  He caught three in all and was very proud of himself.

 Cruz's little fish

We took our last night swim in the pool.  

silly boys! 

We checked out on Saturday morning and started the drive back home.

One of our favorite things about the drive to the beach is going through the Mobile tunnel.  I can remember it from beach trips as a child and I love that my boys get to experience it also.  It is nothing spectacular but just a fun memory.

 inside the Mobile tunnel

This is what the boys did on most of the drive home.  They were so tired from a full week at the beach!  We all were.

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