Sunday, July 10, 2016

Traveling to the Beach 2016

Last Saturday we headed out for a week long beach vacation with David's family to Gulf Shores, AL.  We love the beach and getting to spend some time there on this trip home was wonderful. Overall it was a great week.  It was fun and relaxing for us and a blast for our boys. 

beach bound!

Our first stop was for breakfast at Waffle House. Yummy!

The boys watching a movie in the car while we traveled.  It sure makes long road trips a lot more bearable. 

There are several different routes you can travel to get to the beach from where we are.  This year we chose to go 1-55 to I-10 crossing through Louisiana, the Mississippi Gulf Coast, and then on into Alabama.  We stopped for a bathroom break at the Mississippi Welcome Center.  I couldn't resist taking this photo.  Mississippi is our home and we love it.

my boys at the Mississippi Welcome Center

We arrived at our beach house in the late afternoon.  It was the Saturday before the 4th of July and traffic was terrible!  Most of our family was already there.  We began the week with 18 of us under one roof.  We had a great house with a lot of room for everyone to spread out. 

the view from our deck

We unloaded our things and then the boys wasted no time getting in the pool.  It was the perfect size and depth for them.  They spent a lot of time in the pool during our week there.  We all did.

They also spent a lot of time playing in the sand.  They loved building castles, making roads for their cars, and dumping and refilling their buckets over and over again. 

playing hard on our first afternoon at the beach

That night we did our first crab hunt of the week.  I love walking on the beach at night looking for crabs.  We only found one that night but had a really fun time.

sunsets at the beach are my favorite!

It was a great week and I have so many photos to share.  My next several posts will be about our time there and the wonderful memories we made with family.

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