Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Mini Golf at the Beach

Another fun thing we did while at the beach was go out for a round of mini golf one evening.  It was me, my sister-in-law Robin, and the boys.  It was a lot of fun for the boys.  We didn't keep score (as you can imagine).  We just let them hit the ball and goof around as much as they wanted.  They loved it!

ready for action

me and my boys at Shrimpy's mini golf in Gulf Shores, AL

This was taken right before we spotted a copperhead snake wrapped around a tree right next to where we were golfing.  You can just imagine what I was thinking about that!  ha  A man in a group behind us knocked it off the tree with his club and beat it pretty good.  He then threw it over the fence.  We all thought it was dead until about five minutes later it came crawling back over the green.   It was a little too much excitement for me but the boys loved it.  The man beat it some more and then his group ended up leaving.  We stayed to finish the last two rounds and then I was very ready to go.  My boys had played all over tunnel areas like the one above reaching their hands inside to get their balls.  We had hit two balls into the shrubs and used a flashlight to dig them out.  Had I known that a snake was nearby we would have never done that.  It frightened me pretty bad.  I will be a little more cautious next time.

They love talking about the snake they saw at the golf course.  It was a bad memory for me but a cool one for them.  Little boys love snakes.  Their mamas do not.  At least this mama doesn't. But golfing?  That's another story.  I'd take them back anytime.  They are so fun to watch. 

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