Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Family Time at the Beach

One thing we enjoyed about our trip to the beach was spending time with family.  You miss a lot and lose touch when you are away for two solid years.  It was good to catch up and just hang out a while together.  It was good for our boys to spend time with family and get to know them. 

our group eating at Ribs & Reds one night

Ben, Cruz, and Sawyer at Ribs & Reds

visiting Souvenir City because the boys wanted to see the shark mouth up close

Souvenir City in Gulf Shores, AL

sweet Ben in Souvenir City

enjoying a night swim in the pool

Ben clowning around with the air hose

We loved being home for the 4th of July this year.  It was also great to spend it at the beach.  I mentioned in another post that it has been 10 years since we were home for this holiday and it was our boys first time to celebrate it in the States.

family game night on the 4th of July

Cruz learning to play Chicken Foot

Adam and Kaylie

There was a fireworks show at the beach that night.  Everyone took chairs out and sat on the sand to watch.  It was really pretty and a fun memory for the boys.

Cruz, Larsen, and Ben on the 4th of July

Ben with a sparkler

Ben, Cruz, Aunt Libby, and Kevin

Sawyer and Ben

Zacc with the boys

David and his sister Robin

the boys chasing Larsen on the beach

Zacc, Cruz, Sawyer, Ben, Kaylie, Larsen, and Adam

my boys loved playing with the "big kids"

Cruz and Zacc

Cruz, Zacc, Ben, and Sawyer

fun times!

We miss family when we are away.  Holidays and special occasions are the hardest times.  I try hard to make those times extra fun and special when we are in Guatemala to make up for the fact that our hearts are usually a little sad.  It just makes times like this more special because we know that our time with them is short. 

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