Monday, July 11, 2016

Beach Time 2016

Most all of our days at the beach were spent in or near the water.  We would go out in the mornings and play until lunch.  We would rest during the heat of the day and then return to play for the afternoon.  Many nights we would walk on the beach or swim in the pool.  It was so fun to just have some lazy days of swimwear, bare feet, and no make-up.

Our bedroom was on the third floor of the house.  We had an elevator but we seldom used it.  We got a lot of exercise going up and down several times each day.  Our room faced the ocean and we had a small balcony that I enjoyed sitting on and reading.  Just looking out to see and hear the ocean was great therapy for my tired mind and body.

Cruz looking out at the ocean from our balcony on our first morning at the beach.

Cruz, Larsen, and Ben eating breakfast by the pool on our first morning there.  The pool was on the main floor balcony just steps from the living room door.  We could be in the kitchen and look out and see the kids playing.  It was perfect.  We loved having the pool!

Cruz being silly in the pool.

our view of the beach from the pool

Here are some photos and videos of the boys playing in the sand and ocean waves.  

You'll notice our nephew Sawyer crashing out from his boogie board at the end off this video.  Poor thing.  I'm glad no one was hurt.

fun in the sun!

they loved riding in the boat

We miss it already!  Life at the beach is slow and fun.  You can't help but relax and unwind while there.

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